4 Healthy Egg Recipes for Breakfast

*This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. The constant turnaround between being in lockdown and not being in lockdown can take it’s toll on your physical health. God, if I told you some of the shit I was getting up to in the first lockdown while dealing with being severely anaemic and having endometriosis, you’d think I was the world’s […]

Spaghetti Napolitan Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How to make Spaghetti Napolitan I love Italian food, and even though I am not Italian, I do pride myself on the quality of my basic Spaghetti Napolitan sauce. One of many foods I find simple, and effective. Equipment The main piece of equipment you will need is a good wok. You might find that […]

Mediterranean Salmon Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How to make Mediterranean Salmon Those that know me will know I am very comfortable with all types of food. I can’t site here and pretend that this Mediterranean Salmon is something I cook for myself all of the time. I’d say I have it once a week, but I am just as comfortable eating […]

Easy Gratin Dauphinois Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How do I Make Dauphinois? Potato or “gratin” dauphinois is one of my favourite meals. You can either have this dauphinois as a side or as a full meal, depending on how much you eat. My personal preference is to split it out among ramekins an have them accompany a well-cooked steak. I am going […]

Fried Chicken Recipe

*My super secret fried chicken recipe contains affiliate links (Image source – my kitchen. This is my last batch of fried chicken, but you can follow my cooking on Instagram) I know what you are thinking. If this is a secret fried chicken recipe, then what on earth are you sharing it for? I’ve thought about this a lot you […]

Scottish Tablet Fudge Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links. *This recipe was taken from the BBC food recipe here. However, I will put into my own words the method I used. What is Scottish Tablet fudge? A very special fudge indeed, I can tell you. If you know the difference between them, you will understand that Scottish Tablet fudge is the delightful, creamy, crumbly […]

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