JBL Flip 5 Speaker Review – 8 Reasons it Will Change Your Life

*This post contains affiliate links. I’ve always been someone that loves music, to the point where I have even DJ’d a couple of times in my youth (long LONG time ago now). A lot of the music I listen to is house, and you just simply cannot listen to that type of music on a substandard speaker. After having been […]

Dating During Coronavirus

*This post was sponsored by Jacksonville personals. Dating has probably been something that has been pushed to the back of a lot of single people’s minds in the last year or so. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone in the world’s lives. The current vaccine programme means that people can see a time when they will be able to go back […]

Tips for Newer Bloggers

*This post contains sponsored links. For my generation, blogging is a novelty. I grew up when the internet was dial-up, you had to wait for your Mum to finish on the phone to your Auntie Sharon to get on MSN messenger and plan your weekend, mobile phones weren’t even online and even if they were you wouldn’t be able to […]

Dating in Lockdown: Find the one TODAY

*This post was sponsored by Gloucestershire dating. The uncertainty of the lockdown is, I personally think, one of the worst things about it. If we were having a really strict lockdown and the government said “you know what we’ll finish lockdown on x day of x month” it would be a lot easier to cope with. We are, however, in […]

Finding Lockdown Love

*This post is sponsored by Wiltshire dating. Having no end date for the current lockdown is a bit of a scary thought. It can be easy to think of the world as all doom and gloom at the moment, but the important thing is to keep positive. With the vaccine on the horizon, we have at least got something to aim towards. […]

It’s A Love Lockdown

*This post was sponsored by Northamptonshire dating site. I know a lot of people that have simply given up on love during this third national lockdown we are having in the UK. you can’t go on an ACTUAL date with anyone, so what is the point right? Well, actually you might be wrong. Although I know a lot of people […]

Staying Safe Dating During the Lockdown

*This post was written in collaboration with Mature Essex Dating and Mature Devon Dating. As far as 2021 has gone, the year we thought would be a bit better, it has actually thrown out a few surprises. If we thought 2020 was bad, we are only in January and we have already had Armie Hammer eating people, a rumour about […]

Dating During the Lockdown

*This post was written in collaboration with Hertfordshire dating. I remember the good old days when we could go a week without the PM and CMO announcing new restrictions each week, or relaxing them, only to tighten them again. It’s ok to feel like you are living in limbo at the moment and be a bit out of sorts. The Coronavirus […]

Yes, You CAN Still Date During Lockdown

*This post was written in collaboration with Kent dating. I don’t know how you all feel, but I feel like we have been in some kind of lockdown Hokey Cokey recently? one minute we’re in, one minute we’re out, then we’re encouraged to eat out, then we have to stay in the house at all times unless it’s urgent. Living like this […]

Saving Money While Online Dating

*This post was written in collaboration with Strathclyde Singles. Not only has the pandemic had an effect on our freedoms, like being able to meet people and go out, but a lot of people are also feeling the financial aspect. Even if you have managed to keep your job through the whole pandemic, it’s still likely you are having to […]

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