How To Lose Weight Like A Pro

As I stepped off of the scales during my gym induction, I tried to work out where it had all gone so wrong. I’m a vegetarian and I can’t stand meat substitutes so my diet consists of a lot of vegetable based meals including at least one daily dose of vegetarian sushi. When I mentioned … Continue reading How To Lose Weight Like A Pro


My Top Five Bloggers This Week

I saw a tweet the other day about how some bloggers will go on and comment on a blog without reading the actual blog. I must admit, I love reading blogs and sometimes I really want to comment but can’t think of anything to say (total first for me). I think we are all guilty … Continue reading My Top Five Bloggers This Week

September Favourites

So yes, we are a little bit in to October now, but I still wanted to share a few things that I have absolutely been loving in September. I have had a brilliant September which has included a holiday to Greece. Although it was slightly chilly I managed to catch up with some friends I … Continue reading September Favourites

25 Things About Me

I had my toe sewn back on when I worked in Greece in 2013. It’s probably my favourite story to tell. I kicked a rock accidentally in the dark and my little toe literally ripped off. I spent the next morning insisting I didn’t need stitches until the toe came off when I undid the … Continue reading 25 Things About Me

Things I’ve Learned About Dieting

Just over a month ago I decided enough was enough with being incredibly unhealthy. Getting a weigh in for my gym induction was a massive eye opener, and I couldn’t believe someone as genuinely vain as me had let themselves go so much. Not only did I decide to diet and exercise, I also completely … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Dieting

Common Misconceptions About Online Dating

Online dating websites and apps are now hugely popular and big business for those in the industry.  A market that used to be just seen as something for older people has had a massive resurgence and people of all ages are finding that they can make dating websites work for them. But even with all … Continue reading Common Misconceptions About Online Dating

Andi Walker Pop Up – Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

I must admit I am always on the go. This is great (although tiring), but it does mean sometimes I reply to emails about blogging events way into the future and forget about them until nearer the time. A nifty trick I have now is to add them to my calendar straight away with an … Continue reading Andi Walker Pop Up – Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

Tips For Giving Up Alcohol

At one time or another we have all sworn off of drinking after a heavy night on the gin. I personally have woken up countless times to no recollection of what I have done and who I have offended and wondered if it was all really worth it. Recently, I have given up alcohol for … Continue reading Tips For Giving Up Alcohol

10 Thoughts Every Girl Has About Washing Her Make Up Brushes

Ahhh make up. We love it. Is there anything more satisfying than having a good eyebrow day and getting that perfect contour? Unfortunately as much as we all love make up - there are downsides. Who else literally despises washing their brushes? Ok, I can leave them for another few days.   Ok, they aren't … Continue reading 10 Thoughts Every Girl Has About Washing Her Make Up Brushes

An Open Letter To My Closest Friends

Girls, I know it is hard to judge what I am thinking a lot of the time. Even for some of you who have known me over 15 years you still probably wonder what goes on in that little head of mine. Most of the time to be honest I am thinking about how fascinating … Continue reading An Open Letter To My Closest Friends