A Trip To Greece For Under £400

Recently I took a trip to Greece to see some friends. As someone who has travelled to many of the Greek islands - I often forget just how good the mainland is. Once I had tallied up how much I had spent over my long weekend, I realised there were a few things I could … Continue reading A Trip To Greece For Under £400


Bottomless Brunch At The Bad Egg, Moorgate

Over the weekend I went to The Bad Egg in Moorgate for one of my friends 30th birthdays.  I know a bottomless brunch sounds absolutely ridiculous if you don’t drink alcohol, but I’m not just going to long off everyone’s social events. The Bad Egg is the hottest place in London. No, literally, it is … Continue reading Bottomless Brunch At The Bad Egg, Moorgate

September Favourites

So yes, we are a little bit in to October now, but I still wanted to share a few things that I have absolutely been loving in September. I have had a brilliant September which has included a holiday to Greece. Although it was slightly chilly I managed to catch up with some friends I … Continue reading September Favourites

Are You Dating In The Wrong Area?

Do you ever feel like you have literally exhausted the dating pool? I mean, I live in Essex and work in London and even I scroll through dating apps sometimes and think “wait, I’ve seen this person before”. We live in a day and age where there really are just a select few of the … Continue reading Are You Dating In The Wrong Area?

Hello Day Blogger Breakfast At Mae Deli

It isn’t often I get a chance to visit Bond Street. Working in advertising, more specifically ad tech, I often get the chance to wander around Shoreditch and Tottenham Court Road before and after meetings but if I am ever in Bond Street then it is usually just to do a bit of shopping and … Continue reading Hello Day Blogger Breakfast At Mae Deli

Andi Walker Pop Up – Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

I must admit I am always on the go. This is great (although tiring), but it does mean sometimes I reply to emails about blogging events way into the future and forget about them until nearer the time. A nifty trick I have now is to add them to my calendar straight away with an … Continue reading Andi Walker Pop Up – Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

Cafe Rouge – Lakeside

For some reason I appear to have ended up at two very nice French chain restaurants in the last few weeks. This is welcome. I can’t say I made the most of the haute cuisine when I actually worked in France at the age of 20, which I am ashamed to admit was 9 years … Continue reading Cafe Rouge – Lakeside

Holi Fest 2017

(Excuse the incredibly blurry photo) I am one of those people that can have fun anywhere. You could honestly put me alone on a desert island alone and I’d probably still get up to some mischief and have some fun. So when my friend asked me to go to Holi Festival for her birthday there … Continue reading Holi Fest 2017

Blogging – My Best Bits So Far

I always try to be one of those bloggers that balances out talking about others things with talking about blogging. I see my friends eyes glaze over when I go into a long chat about blogging so aside from other bloggers i don’t expect people to want to constantly hear about it. That being said … Continue reading Blogging – My Best Bits So Far