Faces Bar and Grill, Chelmsford

Considering how much I like to impose myself on the hip and happening places of Essex, it’s a wonder that the first time I visited Faces Bar and Grill was last Saturday. I never think to go out in Chelmsford. Not that I have anything against it, it’s just a nightmare to get to and from. There are some proper […]

Encona Sauces – Smokey Jalapeno and Brazilian BBQ

One of the many thing’s I love about being a blogger is getting sent food. Basically if I can eat it, listen to it or read it I’m fairly happy. I’ve tried some Encona sauces before, and I am actually one of those people that likes to have some sort of spicy sauce at all times. I went through a […]

Izumi, Brentwood

When I think of ‘all you can eat’ Chinese buffets, I conjure up images of some of the places in Soho I visited in my younger (poorer) days, whereby you have to fight 50 people for two bits of sesame toast and they have ‘love’ written on the wall in sequins (no jokes, this place actually existed up until a […]

Creams, Southend

I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of sweet food (although if you looked at my bum, you’d probably think different). I do like the occasional cake or biscuit, but I’m not one of those people that forgets a hard day by diving head first into a profiterole tower made for four people. Wine. I drink wine if I […]

The Dukes Head, Little Burstead for Dinner

Usually, I’m quite reluctant to review the same place twice. So many thoughts go through my head. The ambience will be the same, as the service and décor, and aside from the different things on the menu, what am I actually reviewing? Also, quite conscious that people may start to think I am on some sort of sponsorship from The […]

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