My Food Year Resolutions

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means if you click on one and make a purchase I make a small (and boy, do I mean small) commission. We did it. I feel congratulations are in order. It’s been a tough year. I’m not going to go into how bad my year was. I’ll probably do a story time on […]

Weirdest Foods From Around the World

*This post contains affiliate links I like to think of myself of quite the traveller, but when I started to put this blog together I started to realise there are a lot of places for me to go and a lot of foods for me to try. The only thing I HAVEN’T tried on my many trips to the Philippines […]

What are the Restaurant Rules in my Tier?

*This post contains affiliate links. Let’s be honest: whatever your political affiliation, Boris has made it pretty confusing with his new “tier” system. I genuinely didn’t have a clue what my tier, tier 2 meant for eating out. So I’ve tried to decipher the government garble and explain what the rules are for restaurants and pubs in your tier. Restaurant […]

15 Cooking Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

*This post contains affiliate links.  It seems that everyone has got into cooking recently, due to being trapped in their homes over the lockdown period. I mean, who remembers the time at the start of lockdown when everyone was making banana bread? That seems like ages ago now doesn’t it? Even if you are not the best cook, there are […]

Five Foods That Sound Hard to Make, but Aren’t

*This blog post contains affiliate links. Coq au Vin I’ve made Coq au Vin a few times, and it isn’t too bad to get your head around if you practise. One of the things I do to make it a bit easier is to use individual chicken breasts rather than a whole chicken. Aside from that it is just a […]

Cafe Rouge, Windsor

I know what you are thinking. “Why is this basic bitch telling me about another chain restaurant?”. Well, I don’t know if you have seen this news kicking about anywhere, but there is currently a pandemic. Rather than getting invited to reviews or going to restaurants I want to try off of my own back, I’ve been trying to just […]

Prezzo, Lakeside

One of the things I wanted to do when I changed the direction of my blog to focus on food was to make sure I reviewed places to suit all budgets. Food critics really do not go out of their way very often to ensure their reviews are inclusive. So taking that into consideration, I decided to do a review […]

How to eat out During a Pandemic

*This post was written in collaboration with Square Meal. As a food blogger, you can imagine one of the hardest things about the Coronavirus lockdown for me has been that the simple pleasure of eating out has been taken away from me. I have had the luxury of having a very well-stocked fridge during the lockdown and I have also enjoyed cooking […]

What is in my Fridge?

*This post contains affiliate links. If I have learned one thing about my lovely blog readers throughout the lockdown, it’s that you are all nosy bastards. Only kidding. I’ve recently been doing some giveaways to grow my Twitter account and I’ve built a community of really nice, kind, engaging people. Something I promised myself I would do more when I changed my […]

Mediterranean Salmon Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How to make Mediterranean Salmon Those that know me will know I am very comfortable with all types of food. I can’t site here and pretend that this Mediterranean Salmon is something I cook for myself all of the time. I’d say I have it once a week, but I am just as comfortable eating […]

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