Guitar: Play in a Day? Give Me Ten Minutes

As I’m sure lockdown number two is becoming seriously boring for everyone, today I have a guest post that will be super-handy if you have a guitar lying around. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort and learning an instrument involves many hours of study and practise. However… Using one simple scale, you can improvise over freely available jam tracks almost […]

A day out at Whipsnade Zoo

*This post contains affiliate link After I had my yearly trip to the Philippines cancelled because of the rona, I was disappointed so I booked a little cheap holiday to Spain. Alas, it also got cancelled, and further to that in the middle of my annual leave lockdown two happened. Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but having annual […]

World Leaders and Their Favourite Foods

*This post contains affiliate links It’s a pretty universally known fact that I LOVE fried chicken. I honestly feel like your favourite food tells you a lot about them. This got me thinking about world leaders and their favourite foods. What the elite eat. So I decided to do some Google research and find out for you all. President (not for long) Donald […]

What Are YOUR Essential Items?

*This post contains affiliate links. Last week, a bit of a furore happened in Wales during their firebreak lockdown. Someone shared on social media that supermarkets in Wales had covered over items they deemed “non-essential”. This was met (quite rightly) with a lot of indignation from the public. Especially as one of the sets of items covered over were SANITARY ITEMS. Now I […]

What are the Restaurant Rules in my Tier?

*This post contains affiliate links. Let’s be honest: whatever your political affiliation, Boris has made it pretty confusing with his new “tier” system. I genuinely didn’t have a clue what my tier, tier 2 meant for eating out. So I’ve tried to decipher the government garble and explain what the rules are for restaurants and pubs in your tier. Restaurant […]

15 Cooking Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

*This post contains affiliate links.  It seems that everyone has got into cooking recently, due to being trapped in their homes over the lockdown period. I mean, who remembers the time at the start of lockdown when everyone was making banana bread? That seems like ages ago now doesn’t it? Even if you are not the best cook, there are […]

Weird and Wonderful Pandemic Date Ideas

*This post was written in collaboration with date Hampshire singles. I think it is safe to say, no one expected a global pandemic in 2020. The way we operate in the big wide world has changed permanently, and there are so many aspects of day to day life that will never be the same again. Dating is something that has […]

Spaghetti Napolitan Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How to make Spaghetti Napolitan I love Italian food, and even though I am not Italian, I do pride myself on the quality of my basic Spaghetti Napolitan sauce. One of many foods I find simple, and effective. Equipment The main piece of equipment you will need is a good wok. You might find that […]

Five Foods That Sound Hard to Make, but Aren’t

*This blog post contains affiliate links. Coq au Vin I’ve made Coq au Vin a few times, and it isn’t too bad to get your head around if you practise. One of the things I do to make it a bit easier is to use individual chicken breasts rather than a whole chicken. Aside from that it is just a […]

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