The Best FREE Tools for Bloggers and how to use Them

Being a blogger is actually a lot more in-depth than just writing posts. One of the huge parts of blogging is gaining, managing and maintaining social profiles. You also need to be able to take pictures to go with your writing and for channels like Instagram and Twitter. Using certain tools for your blog, as well as paying for your […]

How to Dine in Ireland

*This post was written in collaboration with Square Meal A few years ago, I went to Dublin on a hen weekend. You would probably think that all a big group of young girls would think about when they go somewhere like Dublin for the weekend would be drinking, but I can assure you we wanted to make the most of […]

JBL Flip 5 Speaker Review – 8 Reasons it Will Change Your Life

*This post contains affiliate links. I’ve always been someone that loves music, to the point where I have even DJ’d a couple of times in my youth (long LONG time ago now). A lot of the music I listen to is house, and you just simply cannot listen to that type of music on a substandard speaker. After having been […]

Finding a Date in Los Angeles

* This post was sponsored by Los Angeles personals. There is a reason L.A is a firm favourite with celebrities and rich and powerful people. Not only is the City of Angels blessed with great weather the majority of the time, but there is so much to see and do, even the people that live there never run out of […]

Your Honour, I Have Committed Food Crimes

*This post contains affiliate links. One of the things I’ve noticed since I have been doing more food-related posts on my blog and my social media channels, is just how PASSIONATELY people feel about food. I can understand how comforting food is for some people, and how territorial they get over their favourites. One thing I have always wanted to […]

Have We Learned Nothing About Mental Health?

When the documentary, “Framing Britney Spears” was released, the world joined together in collective outrage. The fact that a young woman who was suffering from some form of mental health issues was treated the way she was gave us all a reason to look into certain behaviours with more scrutiny. Even Perez Hilton himself apologised for the negative coverage he gave her.  […]

Iconic Pieces From Sparkling Jewellery

{AD – Sponsored} Being a blogger certainly has its perks. Now and then I find a company I genuinely love through blogging. Sparkling Jewellery was one of the first brands I worked with. They sent me a gorgeous set including what was to become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, their famous two-coin necklace. My silver two-coin necklace is […]

How to Find and Hire the Perfect Design Blogger

{AD – Sponsored by Get Blogged} The wonderful world of blogging manages to give me insight into so many niches. One of the main reasons I enjoy blogging is because I get to learn about all of the different types of blog and different types of blogger. In this world, you are learning something new every single day. A niche […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Kitten

*This post contains affiliate links. I truly believe a house isn’t a home without a cat. A lot of people don’t like cats, and although I get it, I have, for the most part, only ever had absolutely lovely cats. When it comes to whether you should get a cat or not, if you are able to give it a […]

Top 7 Documentaries on Amazon Prime

*This post contains affiliate links. One of the benefits to all of these lockdowns for me personally, is that I have had a lot more time to watch documentaries. I actually thrive off of any form of knowledge, and I can even sit through documentaries about things I’m not particularly interested in at the start if it means learning something […]

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