Casey’s Mum goes into the Celebrity Big Brother House

So, apparently Casey’s Mum has entered the CBB house and given Casey a few choice words about Lee. She basically told her he had mugged her off.

There are a lot of people throwing comments out on Facebook along the lines of she shouldn’t be so harsh.

Guys, you are NOT living in the real world.

Wouldn’t it be worse for Casey’s Mum to go ‘oh yeah everything’s fine babe’ and then she comes out to a crown with pitchforks shouting ‘Boo you whore’? Parents are there to protect their children and I’d much rather my Mum came in and told me I was making myself look like a MASSIVE SLAG so I could spend the last few days trying not to look like a MASSIVE SLAG.

Lesson of the day. Don’t be a MASSIVE SLAG.

Here’s the link to the Metro article:

casey mum cbb

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