Bounce, Farringdon

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Bounce Farringdon

You might notice I have been a bit absent from social media and my blog recently. It’s simply because I’ve been quite unwell, but while the Doctors are testing me for everything from Coeliac to Thyroid problems, I’m still trying to get out and about in London and bring you reviews on the best places to eat. You are probably wondering where a ping pong bar falls into the “good places to eat” category, and honestly, I am just as surprised as you.

I’ve been to the Bounce in Shoreditch a few times. Not to play ping pong – just to have a drink. If you can deal with rogue ping pong balls flying at you it has a pretty good atmosphere. Last time I went to Bounce we managed to make friends with the drunkest person in the entire place who cried at our table and promptly got chucked out but not before telling security he was our friend. This time I actually managed to escape from my natural tendencies as the worlds biggest weirdo magnet during my visit to Bounce, Farringdon.

This time on my visit to Bounce I got to enjoy the whole experience. A few games of ping pong (although I only joined in for a couple of games, hate doing things don’t I?), some food and drink. The first thing I noticed about Bounce in Farringdon is that it is a lot more spacious than the Shoreditch one. Not only do you have a decent amount of space on the actual table,but there is a good amount of space around the table for just hanging around eating, which is one of my favourite pastimes.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food in Bounce. Christmas is a time of a lot of media lunches in advertising and we get to eat in some lovely places, so I was surprised at how nice the food was here as it isn’t really the main attraction. if you want a recommendation, go for the Thrice Cooked Chubby Chips. Lord knows how they cook them three times, and I really don’t want them to give away their magic, but these are probably the best chips I have ever had. They had all of the qualities of a roast potato, in chip form. Crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, and served with a deliciously smoky BBQ dip. The Crispy Christmas Pizza was also a delightful surprise. Although it had cranberry sauce on it, I’m hoping Bounce find a way to keep it on the menu all year round.

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