Blogging Tips: My Engagement Schedule Hack

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BBC Essex

(me loving life on the radio)

I was on the radio a week ago sharing my blogging tips. It was a wonderful evening and I felt really comfortable and enjoyed it so much! The whole experience made me want to crack on a lot more with my podcasting. As I explained to Ian, when you have a podcast, a blog, a Youtube channel and a Twitter, Instagram account and Facebook page, you need to be SUPER organised. I’ve always been organised. I was that kid with the spy file from the book club (which you can still get by the way!) and I still love a good organiser now (although my tastes have changed a bit).

One of the things I find most challenging about being a blogger is the fact that as well as the actual blogging, you have to put so much time and effort into your social media channels too. But if we are being honest, who really has the time? I work full time as well as running a blog and a youtube channel so I really struggle. Then a few weeks ago I was sitting on my ridiculously long tube journey wondering what the best way was to use my time travelling to and from London every day. I actually ended up going a bit mental with the engagement then not really getting much from it. I kept trying to think of a way to get the most out of my time to engage with people and then I realised the best way to do this was to work on different channels on different days. For example on a Monday I will find a comment thread and comment on other blogs and then on another day I concentrate on youtube. Full disclosure, my own engagement hasn’t been great recently because I haven’t had the time to follow my own plan, but here is how I have planned it out each day:

Monday – engage with other blogs

Monday is the day I read, comment on and like other blogs. I try to set myself a set number of blogs to engage on, which is currently 10. To ensure I cover all bases I try to read and comment on 5 people’s blogs from Instagram and 5 from Twitter. There are loads of Twitter accounts like TRJ for bloggers that do blog comment threads, but if you are going to use these try not to use the same ones each time. |f you do you might end up never finding any new blogs.

Tuesday – Instagram

There has been a lot of uproar about Instagram removing likes recently, but honestly, I’m glad it has happened. I am hoping it will push everyone back over to Twitter which is a platform I actually enjoy. But nonetheless, Instagram seems to be really important to PR’s so I still add it in to my engagement plan. On Tuesdays I pick 3 x hashtags and then I do 10 comments on each. Then I always try to catch up on the hashtag #themisfitbloggers because I really like all of the bloggers on that hashtag.

Wednesday – Youtube

I’m still growing my Youtube channel, but I am hoping a couple of travel blogs from the Philippines will make it a little bit ore popular. So on a Wednesday I try to watch and comment on 15 youtube videos. I tend to mix this up between Youtubers I already follow and new Youtubers I have found in the comments sections.


Thursday – Twitter

I’m a serial Twitter fiend any way but on Thursdays I try to find new people to engage with. This is either through hashtags or replies to posts that have gone viral. Twitter’s algorithm is pretty good at showing you stuff from the outer periphery of your community, so I don’t set myself an actual number of engagements to make. I just go with it and use my 1hour 45 min train journey to do as much as I can.

Friday – have a day off

Most Friday’s I’m at the Mews and gossiping rather than working on engagement.


Just because I set myself targets, it does not mean that I don’t read and enjoy other blogs or watch and enjoy other Youtube videos. I love reading other bloggers thoughts or seeing the way other people put together Youtube videos, I just wanted to have a plan to make the most of my time.

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