12 Steps To Help You Become An Influencer

Become an influencerSo, you want to become an influencer?

The reason everyone wants to become an influencer is because you can make so much money with very little cost. All high paid Youtube stars started out with are their phones and a Youtube account. If you are prepared to put in a little effort then you too will be able to become an influencer. TO get started making money online, it is a REALLY good idea to learn about the affiliate marketing landscape. I use this book: Make Money Online – Online Affiliate Guide: Building An Online Cash Cow, A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing, and learnt the market inside out before I started trying to make money.

Here you will learn how to become an influencer in 12 easy steps…

Step 1: Find your niche

The main thing you need to do as an influencer is find your niche. The best influencers are the ones that are an ‘authority’ on something. Many people forget that huge Youtubers like Zoella actually started off niche vlogging. Zoella used to create make-up tutorials and her channel grew from there. Find something you are good at and start writing or creating video content about it. You can always move to more generic content down the line when you are bigger and have a bigger following.

Become an Influencer

Step 2: Use the right platform

It can seem attractive to use loads of different social media platforms to promote yourself. This may work for some people who have a lot of time – but if you are working full time as you make it as an influencer you will not have the time to devote yourself to all of the social media channels. The best practice is to pick one social platform and concentrate on it fully. If this is, for example, Instagram, then make sure you have content ready to upload constantly.

Become an Influencer

Step 3: Look professional

There is nothing worse than someone who calls themselves an influencer with an unprofessional looking website and social pages. Invest in proper design and make sure everything matches your brand. When you are building your website, make it self-hosted so that you have ore freedom to do what you want with it. BlueHost are the best people for cheap, reliable hosting in my experience, and their services cater really well to bloggers.


Become an Influencer

Step 4: Create consistent content

The only way you are going to build a fanbase and start monetising your content is if you create it well and often. With so many influencers to choose from your potential fanbase will soon get bored of you if you do not upload. Use the concept of ‘evergreen’ content and make some content that you can use any time. If you keep this as a back up you can use it when you do not have anything else to upload. Make sure you mark out sponsored posts like I have here.

Become an Influencer

Step 5: Start making money

As an influencer one of the most important steps in the process will be figuring out how you are going to make money. Are you going to make money through sponsored content or are you going to monetise your channel and website through ads? Next we will go through the EXACT methods you can use to make money as an influencer.

become an influencer

Step 6: Make money from sponsorship

One of the first things you should be able to do once you are an influencer is to make money from sponsorship. When you get big enough brands should start to reach out to you for projects. If you are having trouble finding the time to do your own outreach you can find a cheap freelancer on Fiverr to send 100s of emails on your behalf a day.

 become an influencer

Step 7: Affiliate marketing

Adding affiliate links to your existing content is incredibly easy. You will be given a link like this one for claiming back flight delay repay and you can embed it into your content. You can either broker these deals with a brand yourself or join an affiliate network like CJ Affiliates or Rakuten.

become an influencer

Step 8: Display advertising

Display advertising is another way to monetise existing content. This can be done through Adsense for your Youtube channel or blog or via a company like like Media.net.

 become an influencer

Step 9: Content lockers

If you join a CPA network you will probably find that none of the survey offers match your content. That is fine because one of the ways you can monetise with these sites is by using a content locker. A content locker asks people to complete a simple survey to read your content. If you are writing informative posts your readers will not mind doing this to read your article.

 become an influencer

Step 10: Get traffic

Now that you have set up your website and social media channels and decided how you are going to monetise them, you will need to get traffic to your account. There are a number of different ways you can successfully get traffic to your articles…

 become an influencer

Step 11: Getting Facebook traffic

Getting Facebook traffic is a quick, free and easy way to get traffic to your content. One of the ways you can build traffic is by joining groups in your niche and then posting your content on them. A lot of groups have rules whereby you need to ensure you are an active, helpful member before you can post your own content. It may take time but this is a great source of traffic.

become an influencer

Step 12: Forums

You can easily drive traffic to your articles using forums like Reddit. Again, you will need to prove you are a contributing and helpful member before you are able to post your own content but over time you can build this up.

I also found this book absolutely INVALUABLE, and it is so cheap.