Be More Chill

Be More Chill. Sounds like a plan, right?

As some of you may already know, I sometimes review shows and events for The Live Review. I did drama and theatre studies at school and it was my favourite subject, so I enjoy a little trip to the theatre. The Live Review is run by one of my most favourite bloggers, Tanya from GlamGlitzGloss. We often go on blogger things together and share the same interests. I love it when you meet someone like that!

I’d never heard of Be More Chill before I got the opportunity to go with Tanya. It’s actually quite well-known, but don’t ever get put off if I say I haven’t heard of something. For someone who has a London lifestyle blog, you would think I would be more up-to-date with things going on in the city but I am SO unobservant.

Be More Chill is at “The Other Palace” so can you guess the location? Yes, it is in a street next to the Queen’s house. The nearest station is probably Victoria, which was where I genuinely thought I had got off until I tried to walk Tanya back there after the show and realised that I had actually got off at Green Park. I actually managed to get off of a train, exit a station, and then map my way to the theatre without even realising that I hadn’t got off at Victoria. Some people might call things like that stupid, but I consider it a talent.

The Other Palace is a lovely size for a theatre. They have a mid-size front area and bar and the actual theatre itself (proscenium arch stage, hello theatre studies) was quite large but not too large like some of the West End ones. I find if the theatre is too big and you don’t end up with very good seats you spend the majority of the play squinting wondering which character is which (or maybe I am just still really blind even with my glasses on).

The set and scenery are quite futuristic and modern. One of the things I found strange about Be More Chill is so entertaining that I didn’t wonder once what time the play was set in. The story centres around Jeremy, who navigates life with his geeky-but-lovable sidekick Michael. Neither of them realises deep-down how lucky they are to have the friends and family they have and both of them have an insatiable desire to become popular. An encounter allows Rich to fulfil his dream by drinking a microchip called a “SQUIP” that will direct him through life and help him make decisions that allow him to become part of the “popular” crowd. Jeremy doesn’t share with anyone he is close to what is actually going on, so as you can imagine the change in his personality causes some friction.

One of the best things about Be More Chill is the songs. Because the play doesn’t take itself too seriously, you end up with some hilarious bangers like “Put your pants on”. Most of the music is upbeat, which lends itself to the comedic nature of the content. You can’t help but get truly invested in the story while you are watching this. My favourite character was Michael. I can’t put my finger on what it is that I loved so much about this between the story, the fantastic acting, or the songs, but I think it could be a mixture of all of them. And now nice is it to watch a NEW musical? Don’t get me wrong I love the classics as much as the next person, but it was so refreshing to watch something where I didn’t even have an idea of what was coming next!

If you get the chance you should go and see Be More Chill. It’s fantastic.

You can book it through London Theatre Direct here (affiliate link but come on guys, I really don’t make much hahaha).

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