‘Simple’ Errands

Today, I thought I would let my state of being jobless be a help instead of a hinder, and I offered to run some ‘simple’ errands for my Nan. (Yes, I am jobless, no I am not claiming benefits, so if you would like to send me some money for no reason what so ever, my paypal email is Kelly.jackson2102@gmail.com […]

Sunbed Shenanigans

I fancied a sunbed today, new year, new me and all that. Now I don’t know about you, but I find the entire experience of a sunbed extremely stressful. For a start, being fair (and when I say fair I mean ‘white as a fucking sheet’), the sunbed lady, who has now known me for approximately 6 years looks me […]

Gentle Reminder

Just a gentle remider (around as gentle as the Incredible Hulk rocking you to sleep), the ultimate aim for this blog is to raise money for Cancer Research. So please give, even if it’s only a pound. Because lets face it if you met me you would want to buy me a drink anyway (to get rid of me) Kelly […]

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