How to Date in Guernsey

*This post was sponsored by Guernsey Dating. 2020 was a weird old year, wasn’t it? I mean, we actually had the government telling us to wear face-coverings for certain situations. It all sounds a bit George Orwell doesn’t it? I’m writing this post in April 2021 when the UK government have given us a roadmap for the first attempt at […]

How to Date in Dorset

*This post was sponsored by Dorset Dating Site To be honest, we all got a bit excited when the government unveiled their roadmap to getting back to normal, didn’t we? The whole Covid-19 situation has been tough on everybody. But I think there are a couple of small blessings we can take from it (and I do not mean this to belittle […]

The Best Date Ideas in San Diego

*This post was sponsored by San Diego personals At no point in this past year, have we ever had more of a reason to be optimistic about the world opening back up again. With the vaccination roll-out in America being a resounding success, it looks like places that have previously been closed are going to be able to open up […]

Top tips for Dating in Wiltshire

*This post was sponsored by Wiltshire Dating Site Coronavirus put us in the weird position of not being able to leave our houses unless we needed shopping or medication. That doesn’t exactly help your dating life, does it? Before this all happened, people were coming around to the idea of online dating. When people are faced with no choice during […]

Dating Like a Pro in Norfolk

*This post was sponsored by Norfolk Dating Site. Online dating has had a bad reputation in the past. But the reason you will often see news stories about people online not being who they say you are is that it would be pretty boring to write about the thousands of people that have successfully dated online. Studies show that 22% of […]

Dating in Nottinghamshire

*This post was sponsored by Nottinghamshire Dating I got word from my full-time job earlier this week that we are essentially going to be allowed to work from home a couple of days a week because we have managed to do so for a year. It will be interesting to see what the world is like post-Covid won’t it? I […]

Find My Tea – Your new Favourite app

*This post was sponsored by Find My Tea. I spent a lot of time with my Nan when she was alive. It’s one of the things that made losing her that little bit easier. Because my Nan lived opposite my Mum and I, we had a natural closeness. When the weather was good, we would pack up the car and […]

Your Ultimate Post-Pandemic Party Guide

*This blog was sponsored by 360 photo booth. Even though I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I have been to some brilliant party’s in my time, and I’ve organised some very fabulous events. Between when I was 14 and 25 I did drink which of course, does make partying a bit easier. Once when I was around 19, I popped to my local […]

The Best FREE Tools for Bloggers and how to use Them

Being a blogger is actually a lot more in-depth than just writing posts. One of the huge parts of blogging is gaining, managing and maintaining social profiles. You also need to be able to take pictures to go with your writing and for channels like Instagram and Twitter. Using certain tools for your blog, as well as paying for your […]

How to Dine in Ireland

*This post was written in collaboration with Square Meal A few years ago, I went to Dublin on a hen weekend. You would probably think that all a big group of young girls would think about when they go somewhere like Dublin for the weekend would be drinking, but I can assure you we wanted to make the most of […]

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