6 Ways To Get Extra Cash

*This post was written in collaboration with Money Gap Group about obtaining extra cash.

Cash Loans

(You can use a lot of these money making methods from the comfort of your sofa – HANDY)

Getting extra cash is hard work, isn’t it?

You’ve probably noticed that I have been approaching more adult topics on my blog recently. Articles like “Why You Should Use A Mortgage Advisor”, do well with my audience. You’d have never have guessed it from my name, but my audience is mainly people over 30. In the spirit of speaking to you about topics that are beneficial to your life, I wanted to have a chat about ways to get extra cash. Money is a bit of a taboo subject, and many people find it hard to talk about. But the trouble is, there are always going to be times when you need a bit of extra cash. Whether you need it instantly, you can afford to wait a while, or you are just looking to give your nest egg a little boost, there are quite a few ways that extra cash can be made.

Use that English GCSE

Being a writer for a living sounds like a great life, doesn’t it? Getting up and cracking open the laptop for a couple of hours would be the dream. There is a reason everyone on the planet isn’t a writer, and that is because it isn’t quite as easy as that. None the less, you could earn extra cash writing if you can put a half-decent sentence together. Websites like textbroker.co.uk give you a quality score and the pay moves up and down based on this score. It won’t make you rich, but if you have half an hour a day you can give your income a little boost or get yourself out of a tight spot when an emergency bill comes up.

Do some odd jobs

At a certain age, doing odd jobs sounds a bit weird, I will admit. But remember when I wrote my Boardmasters post and told you all my new way of life was to pay people to do things I couldn’t be bothered to do? Well, now there are apps like TaskRabbit that connect people to odd jobs. Some pretty easy cash to be made there if you have some free time.

Sell old household items or clothing 

This sounds like a really obvious one. I wanted to put this in, because things like the increase in postage charges have put people off using some of the more well-known auction sites like eBay. But there are a few other good apps for auctioning off old clothes and items you might not use again, like Depop. Facebook selling groups are also a great free way to promote any of the listings you make on the Facebook market place.

Get a short term loan

Looking at several different cash loans can seem like a bit of a nightmare. The thing is, sometimes you need money straight away. I got hit with an unexpected tax bill a while back and needed some short term cash to pay it, because I was worried they would take it all out of my wages in one go. As long as you are sensible with short term loans they can work in your advantage. Make sure you check the interest fees and the likelihood you can afford the payments before you apply.

Take paid surveys

Paid surveys have come a long way since you needed to take about 176 to make £5. As well as taking paid surveys, you can also now get paid to click on links and watch videos. Some survey sites will pay you in cash to your Paypal account and some will reward you in amazon vouchers. Whichever site you choose, you can’t grumble at being rewarded for spending time online which is something you probably would have done anyway.

Start a blog

Starting a blog just to make a bit of extra cash might sound like a lot of work. The truth is, setting up a blog is initially a bit of work. But it is after the set-up that you can start to make money from doing very little. Display ads can generate income each time they are seen, and you can also use affiliate networks to get paid every time someone clicks a link. If you are REALLY savvy, you could even sign up as a client on sites like Textbroker and get content written for you!

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