5 Reasons You Should Try Fat Freezing

As my blog is now 5 years old, it’s safe to say I have come across a number of different beauty treatments. I have even had two non-invasive face lifts myself, and I would definitely recommend them rather than going for an invasive treatment. Fat freezing is a treatment that offers most of the benefits of surgery, without the side effects and a long period of aftercare. I recently posted about the CoolSculpting treatment offered by Pulse Light Clinic in London, and outlined how it all works and what the benefits are.

Here are 5 reasons you should try fat freezing if you are thinking about having a treatment to get rid of stubborn fat cells.

It doesn’t take long

If you are going to have an invasive treatment like liposuction, you’ll be in the hospital all day. The surgery itself would only be likely to take 2 – 3 hours but you are looking at being at the actual hospital for 8 hours at least. The great thing about fat freezing is that the procedure doesn’t take long. Having a CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment at the Pulse Light Clinic will take around 30 to 40 minutes per session. The central London office means it is easier to pop along in your lunch break, or even after work because they are open until 8pm.

There is no downtime

Because the CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment is 100% non-surgical, you are able to resume your normal activities straight after. Having surgery would mean days or even weeks of being out of action. Fat freezing treatments fit around your daily life without any disruption. There can be some slight swelling, which may be visible if you have the treatment somewhere like your chin, but apart from that you can walk straight out of the clinic and go back to doing whatever you were doing that day.

Fat freezing has an average of 20% fat reduction

Having a large volume of fat removed in a single day through liposuction can cause serious problems. If you are having an invasive treatment you will probably need more than one session. CoolSculpting does require more than one session, but when you are all finished 2 to 3 months later, you could see up to a 20% reduction in fat.  The reason it takes this long to see the results is that this is how long it takes the body to flush out the dead fat cells. This is slightly longer than an invasive treatment, but isn’t it better to wait a bit longer and know that you have reduced your fat safely? 20% is a huge reduction for a non-invasive procedure, which is why CoolSculpting is so popular.

The treatments aren’t painful

When I went for my last non-invasive face lift, the procedure used lasers to get the desired effect. As soon as I was told it wouldn’t hurt I relaxed. I was wrong to. It did in fact, hurt. It hurt A LOT. I’m really not sure how they thought it didn’t hurt, but it literally burnt. CoolScultping obviously doesn’t use lasers or heat. Fat freezing may be a little bit uncomfortable when the procedure starts due to the cold sensation and the suction, but there shouldn’t be any pain. Despite the fact you are put under anaesthetic for invasive treatments – there is still pain. Some people report pain for weeks afterward when they have had surgical fat reducing treatments. CoolSculpting does not have and after effects.

You can have it on loads of different areas

Everyone knows the common places for fat reduction. Abdomen, bum and legs tend to be the most popular for surgical treatments. As CoolSculpting is something that is done externally, there are a number of different options for where to have the treatment. The CoolSculpting fat freezing pack is placed on the designated area and left there. Some people even nap while they are having a treatment. The fact that it is so easy to do means there are loads of options of where to have the treatment. These options are:

  • Under the chin
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • Abdomen
  • Flank
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Inner & outer thigh

Find out more

To find out more about the CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment offered by Pulse Light Clinic, you can visit their FAQ page.

Book a consultation

Although it isn’t invasive, it is still best to talk to a professional before you have a treatment. As Pulse Light Clinic offer a FREE consultation there really isn’t much to lose in booking one and finding out more.


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