5 Reasons To Use Local Dating Sites

*This post was written in collaboration with Date in Hampshire

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If you are looking to date online, there’s probably a high chance that national dating sites intimidate you a bit. There is so much choice out there, but so little on people’s profiles. I don’t know about you, but I find the thought of judging someone based just off of their appearance a bit shallow. But there are dating sites out there that are a lot better than national ones, where people have a lot more information on their profiles and it is much easier to make a decision on whether they are going to be your type or not. There are a number of benefits to using dating sites that are more local, especially if you are looking for someone who is a bit more serious and not just a casual fling.

You’ll find it easy to pick a date location

If you are using one of the bigger, national dating sites, you might have to spread your radius a bit to find someone you like. That means when it does come to arranging a date you might have to meet them a bit further out so that it is “in the middle” for you both. This is fine if you live somewhere with good transport links, but what if you are a bit far out? This is where local dating sites are better.

You’ll meet someone like minded

No matter how much you think the location someone is from doesn’t matter, the truth is there are always more similarities between people who live in the same area. Say for example you used a site like Hampshire Dating you will meet someone who is also from the local area. This means even if you do not have a lot in common, you will still have something to talk about. Landmarks and places to eat and drink in the local area are a great conversation starter and you may even find a place you both love for your next date!

People tend to be more serious

It isn’t hard to figure out the fact that the “swipe left” generation are pretty fickle and tend to be the sort of people who are looking for casual flings rather than anything serious. But one of the luxuries of local dating sites is the fact that people who use them tend to be more serious. This is a great help if you are looking for something longer term.

You might know people in common

Even if you do find yourself a potential date using sites like Date in Hampshire, because you have used a local dating site you might have friends in common. This is a great opportunity to get someone to size up your potential date. You might even be able to learn about them without needing to Instagram stalk.

It’s more fun dating locally

Another reason dating sites are so great is because they can be so much more fun than national dating sites. No one enjoys the prospect of travelling miles to meet a potential date, especially if you end up not liking them. But if you date locally, you might even find you can take your date with you to local events you enjoy!

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