Tips for Older Dating

*This post was written in collaboration with Older Dating If you are a little bit older, and you are single, people tend to make a lot of negative assumptions. The thing is, older people can have wonderful and varied dating lives and many of them do. Timing in life doesn’t have to be dictated by other people or conventional social […]

Finding Lockdown Love: How not to Give up Hope

*This post was written in collaboration with Love Manchester Singles. This year has been HARD. It’s ok to admit that. One of the things I want to tell people on my social media all of the time is that it’s OK to mourn things that other people might not see as important that you have missed in 2020. Holidays, trips […]

Celebrities and their Favourite Foods

*This post contains affiliate links. After giving you my recent post about “World Leaders and Their Favourite Foods“, I thought I would take a look into the land of celebrity and see what the ultra-rich and ultra-beautiful like to eat. One of the surprising facts I learned when putting together my “World Leaders and Their Favourite Foods” was that Donald […]

Dating in the Tier System

*This post was written in collaboration with Senior Cornwall Dating. Now that the government have more or less announced we will be returning to the tier system after lockdown, everyone who has been trying to continue their dating life breathed a collective sigh of relief. Optimistically everyone hopes we are nearing he end of our current (and hopefully last) national […]

How can I Date During the Lockdown Using Video Calls?

*This post was written in collaboration with Senior Manchester Dating With lockdown looking more and more likely to be extended, a lot of our freedoms and things we enjoy have been restricted. Dating is one of the things that has been impacted the most from local and national lockdowns. While online dating sites are a great way to meet new […]

Using the Internet for Senior Dating

*This post was written in collaboration with Senior Suffolk Dating. Having been single on and off for the majority of the last few years, I feel like an eternal singleton who cannot be taught anything about dating. But the pandemic has turned a lot of what we think we know on it’s head. I mean, who would have believed a […]

Find a Local Date in the Pandemic

*This post was written in collaboration with Kent Dating Site If you are single, the lockdown has probably salted your game a little bit when it comes to dating. with it looking likely that at the end of the current system we will go back into the tier system, it’s going to be difficult to find dates and go out […]

Guitar: Play in a Day? Give Me Ten Minutes

As I’m sure lockdown number two is becoming seriously boring for everyone, today I have a guest post that will be super-handy if you have a guitar lying around. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort and learning an instrument involves many hours of study and practise. However… Using one simple scale, you can improvise over freely available jam tracks almost […]

Celebrities who are into BDSM

*This post was written in collaboration with Under the guise of being goody on Twitter or being Mum of the year, some celebrities walk among us like NORMAL people. Yes, they eat like us, they look like us and they drive around in Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys. It has always been an interest of mine to find out just EXACTLY how […]

A day out at Whipsnade Zoo

*This post contains affiliate link After I had my yearly trip to the Philippines cancelled because of the rona, I was disappointed so I booked a little cheap holiday to Spain. Alas, it also got cancelled, and further to that in the middle of my annual leave lockdown two happened. Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but having annual […]

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