How to Brand Your Food Blog

*This post is sponsored by Design Bundles. Writing a food blog is the perfect outlet for anyone who has a strong passion for all things food, but might just fall short of a career being a gourmet chef. One of the reasons I love blogging about food is that you get to eat it and I also get to share […]

Crisps Rated From Best to Worst

*this post contains affiliate links Crisps are not just a snack for me. They are an entire way of life. I feel as passionately about certain crisps as men do about football. So that is why I have decided to give myself the authority to bring you the ultimate crisp list. Pickled Onion Monster Munch I did nearly bump these […]

Fonts for the Perfect Food Blog Post

*This post is a sponsored post for font bundles. It contains a sponsored link whereby the company paid me to use this link in the text.  If you have ever used a recipe website like BBC Food, you’ll notice that although the recipes are good, the pictures and imagery are more than a little dull. This is one of the […]

Easy Gratin Dauphinois Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links How do I Make Dauphinois? Potato or “gratin” dauphinois is one of my favourite meals. You can either have this dauphinois as a side or as a full meal, depending on how much you eat. My personal preference is to split it out among ramekins an have them accompany a well-cooked steak. I am going […]

Gatwick Clubrooms Lounge Review

*I visited the Clubrooms lounge as a paying customer, but there are affiliate links in this post. You can receive a discount on your airport lounge booking by using this affiliate link.   Because I’m scared of flying, I used to book airport lounges for unlimited alcohol. Basically, the idea was to get smashed before I got on the plane […]

Takeaway Food Rated From Best To Worst

*This article contains some affiliate links.  First and foremost I just want to warn you: this list is going to be controversial. I don’t share takeaway tastes with the majority. I go a bit rogue here, but if you read on I will fully back up every choice and it’s ranking.  Kebab I know what you are all thinking. You […]

Blue Rock Beach Resort Review

*I visited Blue Rock Beach Resort as a paying customer   As I’ve mentioned on my social media, I have family in the Philippines so I visit fairly often. It doesn’t escape me how incredibly lucky I am to have somewhere to stay in this beautiful country, and I get to experience what day to day life is like there […]

Everything you Need to Know About the Philippines

If it wasn’t for my Aunty being Filipino, I would ever have visited the place that has become my favourite place in the world. I’m always grateful that I have the opportunity to come here so much to see my family. But the Philippines is a wonderful place to visit so even if you do not have family here, visiting […]

Pasta Making With Sous Chef

*Sous Chef provided me with a free pasta making kit in return for this content. I love cooking, but it is such a rarity that I get the time I always forget how much I love it, until I start cooking. When the opportunity came up to review a pasta cooking kit I was really keen. I always make my […]

Fried Chicken Recipe

*My super secret fried chicken recipe contains affiliate links (Image source – my kitchen. This is my last batch of fried chicken, but you can follow my cooking on Instagram) I know what you are thinking. If this is a secret fried chicken recipe, then what on earth are you sharing it for? I’ve thought about this a lot you […]

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