My Dream Wedding

Whenever I say I don’t want kids – people automatically assume that means I don’t want to get married. Just because I’m not up for a selection of little Kelly’s running around it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a wedding. After all, a wedding is just a huge, expensive party, right? When I agreed to write a wedding post in collaboration with Wedding Photo Swap, I actually thought really hard about my “dream wedding”. Unfortunately, if any potential suitors are reading this it will probably put them off for life when they see how expensive it will be.

The Venue

As someone who loves travelling, I’ve always pictured my dream wedding being abroad. I’d love to get married in the Philippines as I have family there but it’s quite a long journey for friends and family. I’ve seen a few people getting married in Cyprus which looks lovely, but my ideal place would be Marbella. As a huge fan of “Marbs”, it would be great to enjoy a bit of free time either side of the wedding to show my guests my regular haunts – like La Sala. I’d probably even try to get my Mum to come and chill out at Plaza Beach and take everyone to Pangea for the hen do. The benefit to this is that flying into Malaga only takes an hour and a half.

The Entertainment

I am INCREDIBLY fussy about music. I either like house music or indie and not much in-between. We have a club near us called The Pink Toothbrush that plays amazing indie tunes – so I would see if I could book one of the DJ’s privately. I’ve seen a few weddings where people leave control of the music to the guests, but my friends have horrific taste in music so there is no way I would trust that one. If I trusted all of my old school friends it would just be a selection of 90s music and grime, which I don’t think would go down too well with the Nan’s.

The Photos

This is the part where I really show my age. At my Uncle’s wedding, as well as the professional photographer, they had disposable cameras on the tables for the guests to take pictures on. The thing is, some of the guest pictures were amazing (if anyone born after 1992 is reading this you might need to Wikipedia “disposable camera”). I think natural photos that are not staged or forced are the best ones – but obviously disposable cameras are a bit old-fashioned now. This is where Wedding Photo Swap comes in. Using either their free or one of their premium accounts, your wedding guests can upload all of the photos that they have taken on the day to one place. This means that both the happy couple an the guests can see the pictures from EVERYONE and also download them or print them. The pictures can be organised into albums and guests can leave comments on each photo. I’d definitely do this instead of getting disposable cameras – where do you even get the film developed nowadays?

*This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Wedding Photo Swap.


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