CBD Oil For Anxiety


I was not given this product free to try. The bastard thing wasn’t even on offer, I paid full price for it. I wanted to be sure I pointed this out as it reflects my view on the product as a paying customer.

How does CBD oil help anxiety?

CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol which is a compound taken from cannabis plants. Although many people think of cannabis as something that can make you high, it is only the compounds that are high in THC that make you feel like this. Hemp oil that is sold over the counter contains very VERY minimal amounts of THC, so although if you were tested for THC they may find traces – you won’t get high (sorry). Although there isn’t a HUGE amount of research, CDB oil has been shown to help manage things like pain and anxiety. From what I can gather, CDB oil works in a similar way to an SSRI, which is the most commonly used form of anti-depressant. If you are thinking of using it I would perform your own research on this and see if you think it will work for you.

Does CBD oil work for anxiety?

Deciding I had absolutely nothing to lose, I decided to get some CBD oil from Holland and Barrett. You use CBD oil by putting a drop under your tongue and the sales assistant advised me that people find it most effective if they use it 3 times a day. I honestly wasn’t expecting a miracle, but as I suffer from IBS as well I hoped it would help manage the pain and also help on the days when my anxiety was a bit worse than usual. I haven’t taken prescription medication for just over a year for anxiety so I am always on the lookout for natural remedies.

I got back to my desk and put a drop on my tongue expecting something to happen. Nothing much did. I wasn’t exactly expecting to get high, but I didn’t feel much different. I persevered mostly because I had read a few places it could help with the symptoms of IBS, so I took a drop after I had eaten every day. Slowly but surely I started to realise that I wasn’t taking as many painkillers, and I wasn’t being sick as often as I usually am. Another thing I noticed is that I actually wasn’t getting as anxious as usual about things that usually trigger me. Using CBD oil for anxiety is a bit like going on to prescription medication for it – it doesn’t jump out at you all at once but over time you start to realise it really is helping.

I appreciate people have different experiences with managing anxiety and IBS, but if you suffer from one or both I really would give CBD oil a try.


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