How To Prepare For A First Date

Going on a first date often means that you swing between excited and terrified. It may seem like actually FINDING someone to date is the hard part, but with great, location based dating sites like Northamptonshire singles ,the hard part is now preparing for the first date. The main thing to do is to stay safe, and make sure you tell someone where you are going.

First things first, what to wear?

After you have trawled through the best dating sites, found someone attractive, and decided you want to get to know them better it is time to go through the hard part – what to wear. Deciding what to wear on a date really depends on where you are going. If you are going to the cinema there is no point in turning up in heels and a cocktail dress. Try and find out where your date is planning on taking you. You can’t ever go wrong with jeans, heels and a nice top – but if you are doing something active you will regret that outfit choice. If your date is romantic enough to want to surprise you – GOOD FOR YOU HUN. Just get him to tell you roughly what to expect so that you can plan your outfit.

Where to go?

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