Why Having No Instagram Theme Is My New Instagram Theme

Do you find keeping to an Instagram theme exhausting?

If you surveyed every blogger in the UK about what they think of Instagram I can guess you will probably get the same answers. Frustrating, disheartening, shit. Since it has been taken over by Facebook it has done a full 180 from a platform that was fun and easy to use to a complete ball ache that is only concerned with selling advertising inventory (guess what – that algorithm update WASN’T to make it better for you).

One of the things I am super guilty with Instagram is Instagram envy. I look at other bloggers who are really talented at taking and curating pictures and think “I am never going to be able to do that”.  As near enough everyone has jumped on the “Instagram theme” bandwagon I feel less and less like I belong on the platform. I spent a long time trying to post nice pictures of places I’ve travelled to to see if it helped my engagement. Anyone working a full time job as well as running a blog and their social media channels will tell you how hard it is to fit it all in. It becomes exhausting when you are trying to compete with people who have all day because their blogs are their main source of income.

In the end I decided to give up. Most of my engagement comes from my friends anyway and they don’t want to see a thousand pictures of a holiday they were probably on with me in the first place.Also, I’m not going to lie, I’m very self conscious, so when I post a selfie and it gets a few likes and comments that does make me feel good. Whether that’s right or wrong it still doesn’t change how it makes me feel. So screw it. My Instagram is going back to selfies, pictures of the cat and random shit that make me laugh – and I already feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Also, I couldn’t really find a photo to fit with this post. So here’s a picture of Albert doing his best cheesy grin.



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