7 Of the Best Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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With summer round the corner (well, potentially, it is England after all), Girls everywhere will search for that elusive ‘summer body’. I think mine has possibly been lost in the post for a number of years now, but that still doesn’t stop me wanting to give it a bloody good go at the beginning pf summer every year. Although there are some bad things about social media (drunk tweets anyone?), there is also some good out there, in the form of loads of Instagrammers that are willing to help you on your journey.

1. @kayla_itsines


Kayla is a massive deal, and quite rightly so. Not only is her body absolute fitness goals, and inspirational in itself to look at, she has created a fitness program that others can follow who aspire to look like her. The BBG program not only incorporates exercise, but also teaches about healthy meals and what to eat alongside it to maximize your weight loss.

2. @emilyskyefit


Another inspirational lady who is absolute fitness goals, Emily Skye also has her own exercise and diet program. Her Instagram is a mixture of fitness tutorials and what she is getting up to, and her website shows users of the program meal plans and fitness routines. She also handily has vegan recipes on there.

3. @plankingforpizza


This is a personal fave. Jessica advocates body confidence as a whole, rather than basically killing yourself and being miserable trying to get skinny. Her Instagram is one of the best examples of strong not skinny that I have ever seen. She still exercises like a bad ass, but she doesn’t believe you should deny yourself treats along the way.

4. @karliekloss


Ok, so following a model on Instagram may seem counterproductive, but trust me, she smashes it. Karlie actually does so many different exercises that are a bit weird and wonderful. If the idea of the gym is boring to you, give her a follow.

5. @mistyonpointe


Even if dancing isn’t a bit of you (like myself, who, after weeks of my drama teacher trying to teach me to dance as I was the lead in Little Shop of Horrors, had to give up and stand at the back), this lady will blow your mind. She is a ballet dancer, so expect loads of twirly twirly, and amazing videos of dance moves.

6. @chelseykorus

18011317_1899720086931569_3999202555073658880_n (1)

If you like Yoga, you’ll love this account. Not only does Chelsey share Yoga poses and updates on daily life, but she also shares positive mantra’s that can get you through the day. For as long as I can remember my mantra has been ‘try not to offend anyone today’, which never works, so I think I’ll try hers

7. @mindbodygreen


This account really does roll everything into one. Healthy meals, yoga poses, inspirational quotes and there are also a few cute animals chucked in for good measure. Seriously, how could you not?


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