Preparing for Camping

A couple of weeks ago, me and two of my best friends from school realized we hadn’t actually seen each other for months. It’s a funny old world isn’t it? You get so busy with the kids, Netflix box sets and shaving the cat you don’t even comprehend how much time flies. We’ve never been boring or normal, so they […]

Things That Always Happen At a Wedding

Last week, I went to a wedding. I drunk, I danced, I inappropriately asked the Grooms Nan to dance to Garage, not realising she used a wheelchair. I love weddings, and clearly I’ll never have my own, but luckily I’ve had two so far, and have another one in a few weeks. Here’s the top things that happen at all […]

July Wish List

So I get paid on Friday. Yep. 23rd of each month. How random is that? I can understand the last Friday of every month, and the last day of every month, but what the heck happens on the 23rd? Obviously my company started during the Stonehenge times and there’s some sort of lunar moon they have to align their BACS […]

Slipped Discs, Billericay

I’m trying this new thing, called ‘not being hungover’ on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Yesterday went well. This morning we won’t talk about. I have also discovered, that if you are not in bed hungover, you can actually go out and do things. Who knew? WHO HONESTLY KNEW THIS? Anyway I needed to get a couple of bits for my friend’s […]

Tips for Spick and Span Make up Brushes

According to recent research, washing make up brushes is the top most irritating thing in the entire world, in front of Justin Bieber and bin juice. No, I made that up. But it feels like it doesn’t it? I feel like I am constantly stuck in-between a rock and a hard place between wanting nice skin and being bothered to […]

Mac Studio Fix – Review

  I’m neither loyal nor disloyal to make up brands. Chances are, someone will recommend me something, show me something, or use something on me then I’ll use that until I can be bothered to find a new make-up. I’ve used Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation for the last year or so, but lately my skin has decided to […]

How to Beat the Monday Blues

It’s just another manic Monday oh, oh ohhhhhh. Yeah, your right, even a song with a catchy, cheery hook can’t make Monday’s any better. It just boils down to this. You are either a Monday person or you aren’t. If you are, you are probably one of those lucky people that loves your job and wakes up every single day […]

Lakeside Blogger Event – Everyone’s invited

I do love Intu Lakeside. I don’t know what it is about me, but I just love a shopping centre. Even when I lived in the Philippines for three months, my favourite days were days just pottering around the mall. It’s no surprise really, girls love to shop right? I’ve been to a couple of Blogger event’s at Intu Lakeside […]

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