9 90’s Fashions we’d all rather forget

Ahh the 90s. Who didn’t love the 90’s (if you were not born in the 90s thanks for making me feel old). It was all Girl Power, Glitter, absolutely cheesy pop music and Smash hits magazine. Looking back on the 90s, I remember it fondly, and then I see what I’m wearing and think ‘Dear God why?’. Anyway, here’s a […]

Some Silly Observations about the EU Referendum

(Image source) I’m not a politician (no, honestly, I’m not, unbelievable as it is). The EU referendum debate has appeared to go on and on, and although I’m not as worried about it as I am about what my eyebrows look like, I am still quite concerned that we’ll leave the EU and get treated like that one pigeon in […]

How to Survive in Essex

  TOWIE returns soon, and with it, comes the onslaught of new Essex fans who will be falling over themselves to book a TOWIE tour, peer in the window of Charlies Deli and not actually buy anything and stay in the shit Premier Inn in Brentwood. As much as true Essex-ers moan about the connotations the show brings to us […]

A Holiday to Leicestershire (or Derbyshire, still looking into it)

When I tell you I’ve been on holiday to Derbyshire (or Leicestershire, I’m still not confident where I actually was to be honest), you’ll probably think, well that’s not a holiday is it? Now let me tell you something my friends, if I booked it off work, trust me I count it as a holiday. If I set an out […]

Are you having a mid-life crisis?

  (image source) There are many questions I ask myself on a daily basis. What am I going to have for breakfast? Are my eyebrows ok? What am I going to have for lunch? Are my eyebrows ok? What shall I have for dinner? ARE MY EYEBROWS OK? Obviously, there are all mixed in with daily random questions I ask […]

David Lloyd, Basildon

So I’ve been getting round, trying to review all of the David Lloyd’s in Essex, and you possibly may find it strange that I haven’t done my local one yet. Well that’s because there has been a massive refurbishment going on (which is why we started trying others in the first place – Jacuzzi being shut? No cheers). With a […]

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