Izumi, Brentwood

When I think of ‘all you can eat’ Chinese buffets, I conjure up images of some of the places in Soho I visited in my younger (poorer) days, whereby you have to fight 50 people for two bits of sesame toast and they have ‘love’ written on the wall in sequins (no jokes, this place actually existed up until a […]

David Lloyd – Chigwell

So you may or may not have read about my great David Lloyd tour, and the fact that after trying the Southend and Basildon clubs, I was going to be visiting the Chigwell one. Don’t ask why we plucked that one out as our next adventure, but it was probably because I love Chigwell, especially the King William and Sheesh. […]

Creams, Southend

I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of sweet food (although if you looked at my bum, you’d probably think different). I do like the occasional cake or biscuit, but I’m not one of those people that forgets a hard day by diving head first into a profiterole tower made for four people. Wine. I drink wine if I […]

The great David Lloyd Tour

In May last year, we had ONE sunny day and my Mum I were both like ‘YAY, LETS JOIN DAVID LLOYD BECAUSE OF THE OUTDOOR POOL AND WE WILL SO GET OUR MONIES WORTH AND GOP ALL OF THE TIME’. Inevitably, we had around four more sunny days to actually use the outdoor pool, and one of them was flying […]

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