Best Bits of 2015

Ahh 2015, what a year. At the time, you may have thought ‘oh god that was boring’ but when you ACTUALLY look back at 2015, we have had a funny, sweary, falley overy year with many, many celebrities either redeeming themselves or making them look like arseholes. I’ve run down a few of my favourite things in the media this […]

How to survive post-Christmas, pre- New Year week

The Christmas presents are open, and the Turkey is cooking. In about three hours, you will be slumped in a food coma watching the Polar Express without even the energy to drink your prosecco and you will realize Christmas is over. Yep, all of that excitement and money, and in a mere 7 hours all of the build-up is over. […]

Custom Canvas Store

Choosing Christmas presents can range from being fun and satisfying, to becoming an absolute nightmare and near on ruining your Christmas. Even for people you know as well as close family members trying to find something they haven’t already got or wouldn’t buy themselves is another unnecessary headache to add to the festivities. Personalized presents are a great way not […]

How to tackle Christmas Dinner

Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. If you are eleven. For adults, Christmas is a lot of things including the most stressful time of the year or the time of the year you wish you had a one way ticket to a desert island. Although it is enjoyable and you love spending time with your family, you are […]

New Years Resolutions

  I know I know, it seems like I’m getting in on this one way early. I mean, we haven’t even had Christmas yet. But you DO all remember Christmas right? You know, Christmas, that thing you prepare for, for months, which is over in a flash. Before you know it you have had your yearly viewing of Love Actually […]

Bingo – Perfect entertainment for a rainy day

Few people relish the thought of a rainy day – it puts a literal dampener on all kinds of plans. Who wants to go for that five mile hike in the country when the rain is dripping down the back of their neck? And while you may have planned a high street saunter on a Saturday afternoon, you’re not going […]

Watching the X Factor Live – Or Not!

Occasionally, just occasionally when I’m not busy blogging, actually working my day job, running my company or being a funner, I watch TV. Yes, would you believe it, sometimes, I actually sit down and rest. For such an intelligent person (don’t laugh, my I.Q is actually 117), my taste in TV is absolutely shameful. I really do like all of […]

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