Chin Up Mask

I have a fairly thick skin, and it’s near on impossible to offend me, however I did start to get a bit of a complex this last few weeks when I was offered some shapewear and a chin contouring mask. ‘Go with the flow’ I told myself, you aren’t getting any younger. I tried the Chin Up Mask first, because […]

7 Christmas Shopping Tips You Will Thank Me For

(Image source) Don’t do it all at once Honestly, are you actually mad? Do you REALLY want to go out mid – December and do ALL of your Christmas shopping? You will only come back and realize you have forgotten to get Aunty Pauline that novelty Christmas jumper you only buy her because she gets you an equally shit present […]

The Week Long Countdown of ‘Getting ready’

It’s Monday. There are plenty of things you are struggling with today. One being the fact it is Monday at all. Two, you had far too many prosecco’s yesterday at that lunch date which filtered through to the evening. Three, you forgot to make lunch so now you need to do a mad dash to the Slow-Op in your half […]

Luxemme Free Christmas Vouchers

Luxemme £15 Voucher Giveaway A few months ago, I blogged about my Olive Lace Two Piece from Luxemme. I have to say, there are a handful of companies that have really impressed me with their products and services, and Luxemme was one of them. I love the two piece they sent me and actually just wore it last Friday. They […]

Edge Nails

There are a few things in life I will sit still for. The Hunger Games. To eat crisps. Occasionally I’ll sit still and listen to someone if I really like them (if I don’t I’ve been known to wander off mid conversation, sorry). Getting my nails, eyebrows or eyelashes done or having a hair cut is my own form of […]

Signs You Are Too Old To go ‘Out Out’

You literally have nothing to wear (Image source) When you get old, your wardrobe changes. Gone are the fancy dresses and playsuits you buy yourself, replaced by the jeans you wear to walk the dogs, a handful of work clothes you resent paying so much for, your jogging bottoms you wear to have the girls round for a wine and […]

Unit 7 opening weekend in Basildon – 12th to 15th November 2015

When I was younger, I had no interest in going clubbing before I was old enough. I can’t work out what it was that didn’t ‘click’ for me, but I just didn’t fancy it. With a main clubbing venue on my doorstep (I live five minutes from the Basildon Festival Leisure Park), I didn’t really ever fancy just walking down […]

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