Lakeside Blogger Event – 25 and Fabulous

I always hear peoples ranging views on Lakeside. Some love it, some don’t. But I tell you one thing I do always find. People ARE talking about it. Essex hasn’t got much to be proud of, but this looming shopping centre located right near some of the busiest docks in the world is not only an achievement in the sense […]

AW15 High Street Picks

There are a few yearly traditions I have. Watching the Queens speech. Having at least one BBQ every summer. Going away for the weekend for my birthday and having a nice spa day at least once a year. Coming into winter, we are now approaching the time of one of my more unfortunate traditions, to completely disregard the fact that […]

Is Common Courtesy Dead?

When I went to Thailand, I helped a sweet little old lady on her own from Heathrow to Doha put her suitcase in the overhead compartment.5 hours later she turned out to be the bane of my life, getting in front of me and my friend when we had only 45 minutes to catch our connecting flight. But that’s just […]

Marbella – Back to my favourite place for a week

When I went to Marbella in February for a little long weekend for my Birthday, I knew I would be back. It’s funny, but I just felt so at home there, with no annual leave left or money, I still knew I would sort something out and get back there. Fast forward to September, where me and and my friend both […]

Veet Hair Removal

You are on holiday. Nice warm country. You are laying on your sun lounger listening to the calm, relaxing sounds of the sea. Maybe you are by the pool, listening to all the noises of your luxury hotel. You sit up, to take a sip of your cocktail, which is delicious and included in your all inclusive package you have […]

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