Thyme Restaurant – Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel

When you are picking a dinner venue, inevitably, the restaurant in a nearby hotel will pass you by. This is totally understandable, as a lot of the time they are perceived as being just for guests, or sub standard, or even really expensive. It’s a shame this doesn’t get put into practice more. No, I don’t mean get all dressed […]

Why Does Everyone in Essex Have Hot Tubs?

In my continued pursuit of all things Essex, I seem to have stumbled upon an interesting ‘fact’. I’m lucky enough to get invited to lots of local events during the year. Some are attended by some local celebrities too. The funny thing is, lots of them have been talking about the growing number of hot tubs in Essex. I’m not […]

Luxemme – Olive Lace Trim Two Piece

When I chose a dress, what is currently ‘in style’ is not a factor in my choice. That may sound like a bit of a weird statement for someone who writes fashion blogs and reads Vogue avidly, but it really isn’t my greatest concern. My greatest concern, when choosing a dress (or any outfit for that matter), is shape, how […]

Living with Lafawnduh – New vlog series

So a few people have said to me things along the lines of ‘you should have your own TV series’ (not to big myself up, people think I’m funny when actually I’m pretty blunt and they think I’m joking), and I’ve always wanted to try and get properly into vlogging. This month, I’ve decided to give it a right good […]

Top Ten Best X Factor Moments….EVER

There are a few moments in the calendar year, that literally anyone of any age and demographic looks forward to. Christmas. That one hot day we call ‘summer’. The FA cup final either because you like football or you relish the thought of the town being empty and being able to go down on a Saturday to get some lunch […]

Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Caitlyn Jenner

In recent times, Caitlyn Jenner has been mentioned on TV and in the press more than ever before. That is mainly due to her involvement in certain reality shows. However, most people know little about the person’s life off screen. With that in mind, this post will present you with some awesome facts you didn’t know. Caitlyn is often praised […]

8 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier You

Work. Kids. Dogs. That one person in your office who is a complete arsehole and doesn’t realize everyone hates them (Note: if you don’t hate anyone at work – this is YOU). There are loads of things that bring you down, run you down and slow you down in life. It’s hard enough keeping healthy, but happy as well can […]

Encona sauces – Amarillo and Hot Red Pepper

When I worked in Greece for a well known kids company, one of the many empty promises that lured me into 6 weeks of pure hell was the promise of a staff canteen. Previously, when I worked in France, the whole shopping for and cooking your own food situation got a bit awkward. Not only were we all too mortal […]

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