Hashtag Social Media are Crowdfunding

So as most of you may know, I now have my own company running other companies social media and blogs. It is still very, VERY small, and I thought I would try Crowdfunding as I would really like to get it all set up properly and get it off the ground. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/hashtag-social-media/?

Encona Sauces: Jerk Chicken and Korean BBQ – Vlog

I love spicy food. I love Phal, I love Vindaloo, Jesus I’m so blooming hard that I have the BLACK sauce at Nando’s. Shit you not. The BLACK one. So when I found out Encona, makers of the hot pepper sauce that can usually found in my bag with some tobasco, I HAD to try them. So far, I’ve given […]

Cafe Rouge, Loughton (Blogger Meet Up)

I’ve said it loads, and even written a blog about it; blogging is one of the friendliest communities around. Maybe it is just because the Essex bloggers are a particular breed. Bubbly and fun and chatty. Helpful. Will always share some info or tips with other bloggers as well as hilarious stories and gossip. So when I got invited to […]

Five Hand Luggage Essentials

The last few holidays, it has come to my attention that a few culprits in the budget airline sector wish to absolutely smack you up the arse for the privilege of taking an actual, properly sized suitcase. I won’t name names (you know who you are, EasyJet, Ryanair, Monarch), but I find it incredibly frustrating, not because I want to […]

Health Drinks Explained

So while putting certain foods into our body for health benefits is as old as Bruce Forsyth, a relatively new phenomenon has started to pop up. Although water is thought to be the elixir o0f life and the only sure fire way to radiant skin, feeling energised and verging on incontinence all day, health drinks with all sorts of goodies […]

£500 off of advertising with Phoenix FM (Brentwood)

For a new company, the whole advertising situation can be daunting. There is so much different media, and lets face it if you do not use social media correctly, you may as well not use it at all. People are so hyped about all these new, free methods, they forget that the back bone of any company is a good, […]

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