Stuck For Takeaway Night In Ideas? Read This

Credit We all know how nice it can be to relax on a Friday or Saturday night with your loved one. After a long week at work, there is nothing better than curling up in front of the television with a takeaway meal. However, it can be hard to work out which foods are the best in town. For that […]

Crete 2015

Crete 2015 So last year I went to visit my friend who was working in Agios Nikaloas, Crete. This year, it was much much better as she wasn’t actually working, so we actually went out for a wicked little week’s holiday! I absolutely love travelling and travel blogging, so I hope this helps anyone thinking of a little holiday. How […]

Interview With Charlie Sansom

In Essex, we have it all. We really are lucky to have the cream of the crop when it comes to so many things. Boutiques, nightclubs, bars. We have reality TV stars wall to wall and footballers everywhere you turn (well in certain parts anyway, I’ve not seen a footballer down Laindon town centre just yet but there’s still hope). […]

The Brentwood Kitchen – After Dark

Have you ever been to a café for breakfast or brunch, and thought their food was so delightful, you literally wish for the owners to do something in the evening so you can eat their food all day? If you have, imagine my delight when I saw all of the advertising to say The Brentwood Kitchen were opening their doors […]

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