Series 15 of TOWIE – The Drama Continues

(Image from Official TOWIE Youtube) It seems like only yesterday we were watching the last series of TOWIE and trying to weigh up whether we actually care about Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis and their relationship. When a series of TOWIE ends, it feels like we have absolutely years to wait for the next one, and we retreat into Made […]

Interview With Owen Frostie – Up And Coming Male Blogger

Welcoming and friendly, the blogging community has attracted more and more bloggers to its fold in the last couple of years. Seen as something that used to be quite a niche hobby for the diehard Tumblr geeks, blogging has expanded to become not only a hobby, but an industry. Like many things, blogging started off as an incredibly female dominated […]

Why I Love Anna Wintour (and equal rights)

A few years ago, one of my exes, who worked as an engineer told me a girl was going on a work camping trip with them. After my sufficient (and quite unnecessary freak out, even I didn’t want to sleep with my boyfriend at the time, let alone others) moaning about the fact I wasn’t allowed to go and she […]

Brentwood Kitchen To Open Its Doors ‘After Dark’

It’s no secret I love the Brentwood Kitchen. I’m not even going to back link the other blogs I have written for them, because I share them so often you will no doubt see them. Nestled inbetween The Vanilla Room (best hair salon in Brentwood) and Amy Childs Salon, The Brentwood kitchen has become an absolute must for anyone popping into […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe This Summer

UVA Rays, UVB Rays, sunbeds, the sun. However confusing it is what rays are worst for you, how they affect you and what they do, there is one thing for certain. None of them are good for your skin, and leaving yourself unprotected from the sun can lead to incredibly serious health problems like skin cancer. As much as we […]

My Nightly Beauty Routine

So being someone that has incredibly extensive beauty routines, I was shocked this week to discover that most normal people actually just wash their face and brush their teeth and go to bed. I have always been into beauty products and you’ll probably not find a face cream or eye serum I’ve not tried. It got me thinking that maybe […]

My Top Five Summer Fashion Buys

So the time of year is upon us where we all wait with anticipation to see if we will ever have the weather to wear those summer treats we’ve been stocking up on since January. If you are less organized, like me, you will get to June and realize you have no summer clothing what so ever and do a […]

Georgia Kousoulou talks BREAD

One day, when I worked in Greece, we had a BBQ for dinner. As we were all sat, full to the brim to the point of hallucination, my friend Toni from Scotland said “Oh my god, I’m so full, I really feel ill” so I pointed out to her that bread was the most horrendously filling thing ever to which […]

My blog for the Park Inn – Introducing Essex: Thurrock and beyond

So when the Park Inn asked me to do them a blog, I was super excited. Like when I did my blog on Lifehouse Spa Hotel for, I really do like branching out and doing blogs for companies as well as my own blog. So here it is folks, hope you enjoy! Introducing Essex: Thurrock and beyond

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