The Vanilla Room – Brentwood

I am really lazy at booking things. I left my eye test 8 years and I hadn’t been for the dentist for near enough as long when i went Friday, and although I love my hair to look nice, I am kind of the same when booking hair cuts. On Saturday though, I bit the bullet, got organized, and finally […]

Guest Blog From Kim Box PT On Her Transformation

Kim Box PT Transformation When I was at school I was more concerned about being on every sports team than worrying about what I look like. As a teacher I have noticed it’s becoming more common that overweight children suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and bullying. As I grew up, body image started to become more important, although I […]

And You Are Following Me Because?

Building a good Twitter following is a great way to market yourself and get people to be interested in your blog, so I am incredibly lucky to seem to ‘get’ Twitter and have some moderate success in this area. One thing that I do not ‘get’ however, is why people are so hell bent on following me, when they do […]

Lilylola Beachwear Boutique

When I needed a bikini for my holiday in Crete this June, I did the sensible thing any self respecting Essex girl would do. I decided to ask Twitter for suggestions. I have always struggled to find bikini’s because I have the unfortunate shape of tiny waist, big bum. As much as it is appealing to cover up my bum […]

Choosing The Right Bikini For Your Shape

Holiday season is upon us ladies, and yet again, it’s that time of year where we all stress and panic because we haven;t dieted and exercised quite as much as we made out we would during our little New Years Resolutions phase and we have no idea how to now work with what we have got and make ourselves look […]

Why I Am Giving Up Cheese

Oh I do like to be beside the cheese-side. Well that’s not actually a song, but it feels like it. After having now given up near enough all cheese for a week and a half, most people I encounter are starting to look like large pieces of Edam and I am finding myself fantasizing about a halloumi skewer from a […]

Dial a Beer, Essex

Now and again, I come across something that I just think is a really incredible idea. Wood burners, eyebrow gel and microwave egg poachers are my latest favourites. However, sometimes I will find services a great idea as well. I’ve been aware of for ages. It’s actually my friend that owns it so I am a little bit naughty […]

Jay Z Releases Snippet Of Wedding Video

If you are a fan of Jay Z and Beyonce, or even just weddings in general, you cannot deny you were intrigued at the secrecy that surrounded the pairs 2008 wedding. The notoriously private pair did use snippets on their ‘On The Run Tour’, but this is the first time most people without tickets will be able to see the […]

Anne Hathaway ‘Breaks The Internet’

A lot of celebrities have been accused of ‘breaking the internet’ recently, with Kim Kardashian probably being the current owner of that particular crown. She will have to step down though, as an unlikely contender has given her a run for her money. Anne Hathaway has taken off Miley Cyrus, Lip syncing to her famous hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ in the […]

Sheesh, Chigwell

So all I have literally heard, and seen on Twitter for the last few months is Sheesh Chigwell this and Sheesh Chigwell that. I have been to a couple of the usual haunts in Chigwell for food, including the King William which is lovely (Blog on that is here: So when my friend Foreign Lauryn came down to Easter […]

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