London Grace – Putney

I am in a fortunate position. Due to this wonderful world of blogging, I get to find out about some of the most wonderful products and places. When I heard a bout a Nail place in Putney that also serves as a bar/cafe, I had to find out more, but haven’t had a chance to go down there yet. The […]

The Brit Awards 2015 – Live Blog

So here we are again, the Brit Awards! The British version of the Grammys and the all together more entertaining of the British award ceromonies (don’t say you’ve never fallen asleep during the BAFTAS. With the Oscars being a massive anti-climax, I have massive high hopes for this years Brits. Presented by Ant and Dec, there’s sure to be some […]

A Little Birthday Trip To Marbella

After a few years of positively underwhelming birthdays, last year in around August time I decided that I was going to do something different this February 21st and go away for the weekend with two of my friends. Although Marbella is technically ‘out of season’ there is still loads to do and loads of breathtaking scenery to take in, and […]

Jamies Italian, Trattoria – Chelmsford, Essex

For a while, Chelmsford has not been a place I would think of for great food. There isn’t a particular reason for this, and actually a few years ago I had a very pleasant meal at ‘Barda’ in Chelmsford, but due to my location, I just never think to go. It’s funny to think, that the popular and proud Essex […]

Jack The Ripper Walk

When I was invited along to see what a ‘Jack The Ripper Walk’ was all about, there was no way I was going to miss out. I’ve been saying I’ll do one for ages, and like having an eye test, and shaving the cat, never got round to it. Jack The Ripper’s identity has STILL never been found, and it […]

What Can We Expect From The New Series Of TOWIE

While TOWIE is considered a guilty pleasure by some, there are plenty of us that will stand up and say we absolutely love it. Not content with getting our Ferne fix through her blog (, stalking Chloe on Twitter and reading EVERY single gossip column to see if Eliiot Wright is back on the market officially yet, we can rejoice […]

Perfect Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are not only a TASTY alternative to normal fries, but they are also a healthier alternative. Obviously something that has been doused in oil or fat is never going to be HEALTHY, but it’s definitely better for you than it’s older brother, the normal potato. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of beta carotene, which is […]

How To Spa At Home

How To Spa At Home. (Image from: As much as we all love a spa and a pamper, unfortunately, straight after Christmas the purse strings can get a little big tight. As much as every lady loves to look her best, booking in for an expensive spa day can be the last thing on your mind at the beginning of […]

Helping The Homeless In Basildon, Essex

When you get into your nice warm bed tonight, after a hot dinner and bath, will you think of those less fortunate than you? With so many homeless across the UK, perhaps they wouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind unless you actually pass them in the street. In Basildon, In Essex, one woman has decided to take matters […]

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