Kalli Designs

I LOVE to support local business, so when I needed a photo my Nan had asked for in a frame for her birthday, I was pleased to find Kalli Designs. The frame was made very quickly and even hand delivered to me, and not only that, it’s GORGEOUS. Check out their Facebook here: https://m.facebook.com/KalliDesigns For friendly professional service give them […]

Don’t be ‘careful’ what you say to the press, don’t say anything at all!

Recently, I was contacted by a local ‘Newspaper’ (I use the term loosely) to give an interview about my blog and the Dryathlon. For anyone who hasn’t got that friend who is painfully glaring at you when you have a drink all January, the ‘Dryathlon’ is to raise money for Cancer Research. The ‘Dryathlon’ is why I started my blog […]

When Did You Last Go For An Eye Test?

( Image From: www.lensshopper.com/glasses-online ) Oh the eye test. One of those niggly little ‘to do’s’ like painting the door frame and shaving your legs (JOKES ladies you should shave your legs every day – MINGERS). I went for an eye test Saturday after seven years. Yep, SEVEN. So what had kept me away from optimum eye health all that time? […]

Coloristiq – Online Nail Polish Rental

People think of all sorts of things nowadays. I mean, look at the sandwich toaster. Whoever invented a way for me to full on seal my cheese and ham in airtight pockets of bread, I salute you. Blockbuster video got well done out of business by the popular online movie rental site, Netflix. For my younger fan’s, if you don’t […]

Guest Blog – Claire Louise – Five things you’ll want to think about for 2015

Five Things You’ll Want To Think About For 2015 We’re already well into January, and this is the month where a lot of us start thinking about goals for the year. Forget about resolutions for a second, and have a little think instead about where you might like to see yourself sitting when you’re reflecting back on the end of […]

Furless cosmetics

When Furless cosmetics asked me if I fancied trying one of their make up brush sets, I was over the moon. Being an animal lover, I am well all for things that do not use animal fur or harm then during the production process. The problem is, although I wouldn’t WEAR fur, make up brushes are really not something I […]

The Essex Lowdown

I love magazines. Love love LOVE them. I honestly spend about £10 a week on magazines. The ones I do read though, are mostly pointless information. As much as I like to think all of the information I am reading in these magazines is relevant to me, finding out how much Lucy Meck weighs or where Danielle Armstrong gets her […]

CurlME by Pro Blo

Being from Essex, it is obligatory to have big hair. Like, massive hair. In Essex, you are judged by either your hair or your eyebrows. So how many ways are there to curl your hair? Well, loads actually. You can use curling tongs, which will take you approximately 67 years and you’ll probably have more facial hair than actual hair […]

My Day On A Plate

So recently there has been a lot of hoo ha about a lady who didn’t really eat very much and another lady told her to eat a Twix. Personally, I don’t like Twixes but if you give me a Dime bar I’m anyone’s. Here’s my basic weekday on a plate. (Image from: http://mashable.com/2013/03/12/alarm-clock-app-freakyalarm ) 6.15am: My alarm goes off, and […]

JCS Jewellery Consultancy Services

When JCS Jewelerry Consultancy Services said they was going to send me something pretty, I definitely wasn’t going to say ‘oh no thank you, your alright’. Being the typical Essex girl I am, I absolutely LOVE my sparkles. JCS Consultancy have a showroom in Hatton Garden, and an office in Billericay, and they have such a wide range of services […]

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