#SocialMediaBlackout – respect for the families of Air Asia flight QZ8501

Like many, since I woke up Sunday morning to news of another missing plane, I have followed the story closely. Although I may be accused of morbid curiosity, it was actually blind hope, that in the LEAST the plane had landed safely and at WORST (which is what has happened) the families would get answers and closure. Imagine how shocked […]


So, this time last year, I decided to do the Dryathlon and thought ‘I’ll get a bit bored, I might start a blog’. Many a free meal, celeb partie, restaurant launch, spa day, hundreds of glasses of Prosecco and some lovely clothes and make up later, the least I can do for Cancer Research is try and use my growing […]

Briton of the Year

Funnily enough, when I am not advising you all not to burn your minges on the sunbeds or gossiping about TOWIE, I do actually read the Times. So like the rest of the UK, I was horrified this weekend when they voted Nigel Farage ‘Briton of the Year’. As well as now boycotting Gogglebox for giving the vile, bigoted racist […]

HairREV by YourREV – 15% Discount

How has your hair held up this party season? Treat yourself to a cut and colour? Washed it a bit too much because of all the work drinks and family parties? It’s no secret that beauty comes from within, and that’s no different for your hair. The internet is filled with articles on foods and drinks and all sorts of […]

The best of the January sales

While most people await Christmas with childlike anticipation, there are that rare breed of women like me who are ten times more excited about the January sales. Although I am not stupid enough to queue from 5am on Boxing Day (obviously no one has mentioned to these idiots that most retailers do the sales online AND they start from Christmas […]

Do you despise exercise?

(Image from: http://www.justinkavanaghfitness.com/funny-excuses-irish-people-make-for-not-exercising/) Yes! YES. I HATE exercise. Anyone who say’s ‘Oh I feel really good after a workout’ is actually an Alien from a different planet who you should be very careful of and wear a foil hat around. I mean who actually LIKES exerting themselves to the point of exhaustion for an hour a day just to burn […]

Custom Crowns

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Custom Crowns (http://customcrowns.co.uk/) for my Christmas present. I’m not usually partial to a cap, but I really like Custom Crowns bright and fun take on a regular old baseball cap. Already hidden a festive hangover or two so cheers guys! Follow them on Twitter for new products and sales, offers […]

Homeless Help In Basildon

I don’t know about you, but I have had some real stressful days this festive period. Working, shopping. cooking all the customers Christmas dinner. There’s nothing I love more on busy day’s at work, than coming home, having a nice long bath, then putting my dressing gown on and watching TV while eating rubbish. So imagine if you didn’t have […]

Maxxable phone clip

I am clumsy. It’s no secret. I am totally a ‘dropper’. The other day, I actually dropped my phone on a ladies foot. My iPhone seems to have superhuman resilience. I have been through many though. Despite the numerous cases, screen protectors etc etc that I have bought for my iPhone, many of them have come a cropper. I dropped […]

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