It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

A tried and tested way to avoid all the pre-Christmas, starts in October before even Halloween and is wholly unnecessary hype, is to book yourself a nice get away on a tropical island for the end of November. Unfortunately, this meant for me, that upon return from Thailand I was thrust into the fairy lights, sat down, and had a […]

10 things only people with weak bladders will understand

1. Trust me, we would LOVE to be able to sit through a whole film at the cinema.  So you can huff and puff all you want when we get up to use the bathroom. It’s no picnic for us going to see Black Swan, coming back from a quick wee and the main character is suddenly a Lesbian. There […]

Thailand – An adventure in Patong, Phuket

Have you ever been to Thailand? Even though flying horrifies me, I still dont let it stop be going anywhere. after 3 months in the Philippines in 2012, I fell in love with South East Asia and have been itching to get back ever since. With work, and my blog, it’s unlikely that I am going to get time to […]

Premae Skincare Harmony Moisturizer

Still finding my way around this beauty blogging business (as it really all said and done is a lifestyle blog), I often get really excited when I get offered to try skin products. As an eternal sufferer of combination skin, dry one minute and oily the next, it’s not actual face washes that present me with a challenge as their are […]

Your Dremcatcher

Your Dreamcatcher Clothing When ‘Your Dreamcatcher’ approached me and asked me if I would like to give one of their t shirts a go, I didnt want to get my hopes up about it coming before my trip to Thailand to wear to be comfy on the plan, you know, what with Royal Mail and all that. Your Dreamcatcher specialize in leisurewear […]

On me holidays

Morning funners, Just a quick post to let you know my holiday dates. I currently have a few things I’m waiting for in the post to do reviews on, and although I have completed any articles clients are waiting for I obviously wont be here to do edits. I am off to Thailand on Thursday 13th November and will be […]

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

When I was offered a trial of some Younique 3D Fibre lash mascara, I had actually already heard of the brand through numerous people contacting me on Twitter about becoming a host. Although I would love the time to go about selling make up, I currently don’t even have time to brush the cat, so it wont be for me […]

The new generation of bloggers – introducing Owen Frostie

(img from: I’ve been saying it and saying it all year. Blogging is the tabloid of the 21st century. The public do not want to walk down the shop in the rain and cold (which is most of the time in the UK – even in summer) to go and get a paper and read information, which they can easily […]

Charlies Deli – Brentwood

There’s a few things in life I love, but food and TOWIE are probably my top 2. How convenient then, that one of the cast have opened a deli. If you are partial to a bit of TOWIE spotting, you will usually be disappointed during your trip to see none of the cast who own boutiques ever ACTUALLY work in […]

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