Tortilla – Lakeside

When I was invited to the opening of Tortilla in Lakeside, I thought I wouldn’t miss it for the world as Mexican is pretty much my favorite food. Unfortunately, Iu became ill with a viral infection and couldn’t make it. Being the nice people they are, Tortilla invited me down to take a peek whenever I was free, and yesterday, […]


So unless you have lived under a bridge, in space, or with someone weird who doesn’t watch TV or talk about things for the last decade, you would of heard of Herbalife. Not only did it come to prominence in ‘Ugly Betty’ the TV show, the more health conscious we get the more we want to look after ourselves with […]

Diary Doll

When Carol Smillie dropped me a tweet about her business venture with Annabel Croft, I was pretty excited because I grew up watching Carol on Tv shows like ‘Holiday’ (I actually thought ‘abroad’ was a place until this programme came on TV) and I love Tennis. It seemed like a random pairing, and also something that two such busy ladies […]


When contacted me about trying out some of their protein products, it honestly could not have come at a better time. I had been a bit slack with my diet over the last few weeks, and really wanted that last weight loss push for my holiday in Thailand on the 13th November. AnyProtein advised me they had just the […]

Quite often, I will see an idea, or a company, see how many followers it has on Twitter or Facebook, and think ‘why do more people not know about this?’ . I would actually venture to say, one of the reasons for starting this blog was to show people that they can look good without breaking the bank. Affordable fashion […]


When Anni at EdenCancan asked me to try LDN:SKINS I jumped at the chance. Living in Essex means you basically have to be permanently tanned, or people look at you like you have just wee’d on their whole family. Being someone who has a massive kerfuffle with sunbeds (you can read about this here:, tan in a can really […]

1416 street

Often, I’ll get messages on Twitter that will lead me to finding out about something that is quite good. When 1416 Street messaged me to tell me all about their vision for talent contests and parties for 14 to 16 year olds, I thought it was a great idea. If there’s one thing I do remember about being 14 (yes, […]

Sparkling Jewellery

When my friend said she had referred me to the lovely lady who owns Sparkling Jewellery to have a nose and do a blog, I was made up that word had got round about my little corner of the internet over here. I was also absolutely made up that my goody bag from them came today, which was really really […]

Upbeat drinks

When I was asked if I wanted to try ‘Upbeat’ drinks, I thought it may be time to grow up and stop drinking a can of Pepsi every morning. ‘Upbeat’ are high protein dairy drinks, made from fresh Whey protein (20g per day). They are low in fat, at 150 calories per drink, they have a lot less fat and […]

Filming as an extra for TOWIE

There are not a lot of opportunities I’ll pass up. Unless it involves accordions, in which case I am 100% not going anywhere near it. So when my new friends from the ITVbe party told me about extra work on TOWIE, I thought I’d give it a crack. It’s not a massive secret that all you need to do is […]

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