Eating Healthy On A Budget

So we all had a shocker recently, when we read about 25 stone Mum of two Christina Briggs being unable to afford to eat healthy. Spending £300 a month on junk food, Christina claims that eating healthy and exercise are too expensive. (You can read the full article here: So is it REALLY too expensive to eat healthy? No […]

CACI at Tracie Giles Salon, Knightsbridge

When I was invited by Pure PR ( to go to Tracie Giles salon in Knightsbridge to find out more about CACI, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz words like ‘Non – invasive’ for a while now, and I wanted to go and find out what it’s all about. Let’s face it, we would […]

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser – Lush Cosmetics

So, I guess I made it quite clear in my actual blog about the Lush Blogger Event ( how generous the goodie bags were. So generous, in fact, I have only just got round to using some of the products. I LOVE to cleanse tone and moisturize. No matter how drunk I am, I’ll come in and make sure I […]

A Few Places I Love In Essex

So winter is coming, and if you like to buck the trend of being a near on recluse and growing your leg hair, then take a look at my little list of some of my fave places in my fave county. King William, Chigwell ( A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be asked to review the King […]

10 things you MUST do on public transport

1. Decline to wash If you are undertaking a journey on public transport, it is important that you do not wash. In my advice, I wouldn’t even just leave the shower the day before, if you are planning a journey, I would honestly try and avoid contact with soap and water for at least 4 days. There is nothing innocent […]

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Yes the weather outside IS frightful now. Although for most, this title is just a line from a popular Christmas song, unfortunately for the UK masses, it’s a fact of life. Broken promises of global warming have never materialized, despite how much I over use my aerosol in hope the o zone layer will disintegrate over Basildon and I will […]

TOWIE Series 13 – First Look

Ok, so we are all SERIOUSLY looking forward to the new series of TOWIE. Looks like some changes are set to happen for series 13. New Channel So TOWIE returns to our screens this Autumn, on a completely new channel Itvbe. But is it a massive gamble? It’s not a well kept secret that Itv have made blunders in the […]

14 Pictures Of Animals Dressed Up…Just Because

1. Hop it. 2. I cant GO to Taco Bell, I’m on an all carb diet. GOD your so stupid Karen. 3. Fancy dress optional. 4. Don’t know what’s more poisonous to dogs, chocolate or this outfit? 5. Very appealing… 6. I struggle to see how I get myself into these situations. 7. Happy Thanksgiving bitches… 8. Cleocatra. 9. Yes […]

Looking for work in Essex?

I hate job hunting. 1. because I’m lazy. 2. because I hate ‘job seeking’ websites. Is it just me, or do you put in the search terms ‘admin jobs Essex’ and end up applying to be a forklift driver in Liverpool? Its so much hassle. Fortunately, the Echo’s job site is pretty easy to use. Not only does it guarantee […]

Bourgee UK – Launch night in Southend

When I was invited by Charlotte at EdenCanCan ( to the press launch of Bourgee, it goes without saying I was excited. Along with all the noise Mr Mark Baumann’s new venture was making in the press, a couple of people I work with had actually passed the venue and said it looked lovely. First impressions did not disappoint. […]

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