The Pink Toothbrush – Rayleigh

I don’t think there will ever be a place in my life that I am more fond of than the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh, I remember when I was 18, and some friends took me there, and I was in absolute disbelief that you could go to a club that DOESNT charge you £10 to go and listen to shit […]

The change in our times.

In 1953, a flood devastated Canvey Island. There are many reasons for it, but it’s mostly summed up in this text from ”It began with a deep depression of enormous intensity which had moved from Iceland in a south-easterly direction on January 30, 1953, forcing a tremendous volume of Atlantic water into the North Sea. In addition, there was […]

14 Daily Annoyances We Love Hate

1. The toothpaste running out. In the morning, I mean properly first thing, our little brains are equipped to do no more than go through the motions of becoming presentable for work, weeing and watching the clock on Good Morning Britain with trepidation. So of course, it is always at this time when the toothpaste we have feared coming to an […]

Great British Weather

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE living in a country where the weather is such, that one minute you are round someone’s house discussing sitting in the garden and two minutes later the rain is so torrential, you fear you are mid apocalypse. I enjoy it as much as queuing, paper cuts and that ‘mind the gap woman’. […]

Guest Blog Chloe Lovette – Plan a Picnic Fit For Royalty

Plan a Picnic Fit for Royalty Summer’s here, and with it a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are ready to be enjoyed at a lazy afternoon picnic. If you’re gearing up for an outing to the park with friends and family, consider taking the following picnic treats along with you: Pulled Pork Sandwiches These may not be the […]

Harry Ingram Memorial Funday

Hola lovessss. Hope you are all having a smashing Thursday. I have something important to share with you all so listen up, and if you wear glasses to read go and put them on instead of squinting and pretending you can read what I’m telling you. On Saturday the 30th August 2014 at Smallgains Hall, there will be a Memorial […]

NY Hot Dogs – National Hot Dog Day 23rd July

We all know the year is split u into Christmas, Halloween, Easter and National Hot Dog Day. If you can’t eat yourself into feeling much like illegal substances on National Hot Dog day then there really is no point to life. Like Bastille Day, teachers day, and the anniversary of the unification of Italy, it’s hard to find somewhere to […]

8 things you simply MUST do at a festival

1. Wear a flowery headband and denim shorts. If its a weekend festival, you must go out and buy 4 x flowery headbands and shorts. Flowery headbands and shorts originate from festivals ACTUAL hippies attended like Woodstock, and then filtered down from the catwalk (yes, Dior have been known to show a flowery headband you know), down through Topshop and […]

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