The best TOWIE drink throws

Being from Essex, you would think I go out every week launching drinks at former flames and girls I don’t like. Actually, I manage to have quite a peaceful life (most of the time, I’m still a drama magnet). If like me, you find it absolutely thrilling when someone gets a glass of red thrown over them at a white […]

Angel Surprise

When Angel Surprise contacted me via Twitter ( to let me know I had won a nappy cake I was delighted, as usually I see these ‘RT to win’ things and think they are a bit of a scam. They ended up sending me the most beautiful nappy cake, with all sorts of baby goodies in. I went on to […]

Barleylands Farm in Essex

Me, my partner and his little girl fancied a day out Saturday, but one that wasn’t too far away (as I had a big night out to get ready for Saturday night, you can see my blog about it here:, so we thought we’d try Barleylands farm. I visited a good few years ago with some people I look […]

King William IV Chigwell – Great Food in Essex

It’s safe to say I am a fan of good food. Okay, I’m a fan of any food really, but that’s bedsides the point. I can still appreciate a lovely meal when one is put in front of me. From start to finish during our time at the King William IV we were treated like VIP’s, which is GREAT because […]

10 Holiday tips you will thank me for.

1. Book your flights separately, rather than return. It sounds crazy right? It’s like getting two singles rather than a return on the bus. Yes, I am 26 and still get the bus. You can judge me when your blog gets 10,000 views. Anyway, even though it sounds as crazy as Justin Bieber cleaning up his act and stopping abusing […]

Mandap Madness at One Mayfair

When my boyfriend invited me to his cousins wedding I thought ‘oh good, excuse to buy some shoes’. He only pointed out to me a week before hand that the bride was Indian and it was to be a full on Indian wedding. Indian weddings ROCK! I have never been to such a colourful, lavish show of peoples love for […]

Should you risk your life just to get to work??

Dear First, After 14 years of putting up with being late due to your company, I have come to terms with the fact until I can afford to learn to drive, I will be perpetually late through no fault of my own. Due to you having the monopoly on rude arrogant drivers, and terrible customer service, the public in Basildon […]

J and F Cleaning and maitenance ltd

Lets face it, no one likes cleaning. Some people (like me) say they like cleaning, they find it therapeutic, but this is just like, changing your bed or doing the fridges at work once in a blue moon. Well imagine how much agg it is cleaning a pub? You know when you get ‘party floor’ in your kitchen after a […]

NY Hot Dogs – Southend on Sea

We all know how hard this dieting lark is. I’ve given in calling anything a ‘diet’ as it just makes me fatter, and I’ve lost a stone by allowing myself a teensy weensy cheat day every week. Mostly it will be a Saturday. Or maybe Sunday as well. Sometimes, if I do the trip out on a Thursday at work […]

Marc Newton Photography Project Southend

Marc Newton, local photographer is basing a project around our beloved Southend on Sea. If you fancy gettig involved please take a look at the synopsis of the project. ”This is an ongoing project based around the people and events of Southend on Sea in Essex. Southend is somewhere that’s familiar to me as it reminds of days out when […]

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