Osea View Cafe on Osea Leisure Park

Today, in the never ending search for somewhere nice to take my Mum and Nan on a sunny Saturday, we ended up in an adventure at Osea View Café on Osea Leisure Park in Heybridge. Now to me, anywhere that can make me think I’m abroad when I’m actually in England is a TOTAL winner. Set on the River Blackwater […]

8 Things not to do at a BBQ

Ladies and gentleman, BBQ season is upon us. When I say BBQ, I mean that one day where it stops raining enough for you to brown off things you’ve already cooked in the oven. Here’s a few tips on what not to do: 1. Let the men light the fire. Even though it is supposed to be natural for a […]

Guest blog – Love Southend.co.uk

The Essex Barbie Dream House There’s something somewhat disturbing about the fact that somewhere in the Essex countryside, this place exists. But I kinda get it. After all, living in Essex, you tend to see a lot of girls who have deluded themselves into thinking that they actually are Barbie. But I’m still unsure whether this guest house in Tiptree […]

Guest Blog Andrea from Safe-Girl.co.uk

A Safe Essex Night Out We’ve all been there. Our waking moments filled with dread as the disjointed flashbacks of the night before come flooding back. Unexplained cuts and bruises cover our body and every muscle throbs as though we’d run like Forrest Gump all night. With the pounding head and having to drink the equivalent of the Atlantic in […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Live Blog

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Ladies, gentleman, and politicians which count as neither. Welcome to my live blog following the events of the Eurovision song contest. in true Eurovision style, we have a crazy year including a bearded lady and some Latvians who didn’t get through singing about not knowing how to make a cake (I assure you the fat violin […]

8 Things Everyone in Essex Did This Bank Holiday

1. DIY. Apparently along with guidelines that you shouldn’t steal or lie, there is a page in the bible that says you need to do DIY or buy a big TV on bank holidays. I don’t know what it was that came first, the DIY stores having sales, or the people flocking to them, but you can guarantee that as […]

Hunger or Habit

I’m sure you have all been following my many, many diet efforts, with the recent and most successful being just a few small changes (you can read this here: https://confessionsofasoberessexgirl.co.uk/2014/03/27/the-easy-diet/). I’ve been doing well all week and having a treat at weekends. I have completely cut out snacking of an evening as the information was too confusing. Do snack, don’t […]

Eurovision 2014 – live blog

Seeing as my live blog on Celebrity Big Brother – the final got so much positive response (it is still one of my most viewed posts and you can read it here http://confessionsofasoberessexgirl.co.uk/2014/01/29/celebrity-big-brother-final-live-blog/) I have decided to do the next one on the Eurovision song contest. As much as I am the epitome of cool, it is my guilty pleasure […]

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