Lifehouse Spa

Lifehouse Spa When anyone used to ask me what my favourite spa was (please don’t think I’m posh because I have a ‘favourite spa’, I still steal jams from buffet breakfasts and take the tea home if I don’t drink it) I used to say Best Western Ufford Park, with its lovely thermal spa and soft sauna. If anyone asks […]

Why do we do it to ourselves?

This week I have had a massive ‘I’m never drinking again week’. on Sunday I went round my mate Helens for a quiet drink as we had Monday off and I still felt like I’d been run over by 20 kids on micro scooters by Wednesday. I’m not sure where the night went from ‘drink’ to still sitting drinking wine […]

Lille over Easter Weekend

On Valentines day, being the sad lonely cat lady, I treated myself to a little 2 night jaunt to Lille over Easter. Now I know some of you are thinking ‘going away alone, what a Jonah’ but actually this was my choice as I wanted some time to myself. I thought if you are going to do it, do it […]

10 things no one tells you about holidays….

1. You WILL forget your phone charger or hairbrush. Then, you will realize it’s ok because Spain/Turkey/Greece does actually have shops. But you will get smacked up the arse for about 70 euro for an Iphone charger that looks like it was made in the kids club. 2. The airport is boring. Yes unfortunately, after making yourself smell like a […]

Do you trust your bank?

If you bank with Halifax maybe you should rethink your answer. I’m going to tell you a tale that will shock you like Lindsay Lohans list of conquests. A few weeks ago, I lost my debit card. Now for normal people, this is a big hassle and faff, but for me its life. It’s about as common as waking up […]

Things I’m now too old for

I don’t know about you, but I feel I have been spending the last part of my mid twenties navigating a never ending obstacle course of ‘things I’m too old for’. Obviously at 26, I’m far too old to still be living with my Mum and working in a job that I adore that doesn’t pay that great. None the […]

8 signs the sun has just come out in England

1. Socks and Sandals. Never ones to be pleased with things being simple, the Brits have to take something as straightforward as putting a sandal on because its hot, and then defeat the object by putting a sock on underneath it. The UK’s sock obsession has rendered the actual invention of Jesus Creepers useless, as the mixture of faux leather/plastic […]

8 Things no one tells you about Ibiza

1. They have started letting foot shufflers and chavs in. One time en route to Ibiza I had my hat checked for a bomb, so why they cannot be more stringent with tracksuits and box hats I do not know. Bored of all the excitement of Malia and looking for their fix of ‘Aaaaaas Music’, chavs now unfortunately come in […]

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