Cafe on the water – Hanningfield

Its taken me a long time to make peace with Hanningfield resovoir, having been dragged there nearly every weekend for a good few years, but in the sun its a lovely place and its only up the road from me. My Nan isnt mad about crowds so me and my Mum took her for lunch Saturday for Mothers Day rather […]

Why I love Mondays & hate Fridays

We’ve all been there. Monday morning, alarm goes off. You wish for a semi catastrophic emergency so that you do not have to drag yourself out of bed at 5.30am to do a commute you hate to a job you only slightly like. Or actually dislike but you haven’t quite figured it out yet. You go, you make as much […]

The ‘easy’ diet

There’s being slim and then theres being ‘Ibiza’ slim. You will catch my well documented effort to lose weight on my other posts. I tries the quick fix ‘5:2’ diet but felt like I could easily murder 6 fluffy kittens on fasting days. I tries T5s but unfortunately if you eat like fuck as well they do not work. So […]

Summer Sun – Guest blog by Toni Carson

The time has come, my Facebook is filled with all my mates from previous seasons leaving for this years one, and I’m stuck in bloody Essex with Drama’s and shit weather. If you haven’t ever done a summer season you are actually a pussy! Seasoned season veteran Toni Carson gives us a bit of insight: ” After doing a winter […]

Camden Capers

Me and Camden are an unlucky combination. I was there the night it burnt down, and last time I went I got two men arrested by accident and banned, indefinitely, for life, from the Holiday Inn. (The Camden Holiday Inn is shit anyway, so I wouldn’t actually go back if they paid me). Me and my friends Sarah and Helen […]

Plenty of Fish – Plenty of too much hassle

Recently, I thought I would join Plenty of Fish for a bit of a laugh. I am in no way one of those people that is on an endless search for ‘the man of my dreams’, in actual fact the last few months I have been single have been the most happiest and stress free in my life, and I […]

9 things you didnt know about TOWIE

1. Most of the flash cars are not actually OWNED by the cast members. Gemma actually used to work for a car dealership, but not many of the cast actually OWN flashy cars. Mario actually got so skint at one point he had to downgrade to a Fiat. 2. Some of the couples are not actually couples. Who remembers the […]

Shaker & Company – London’s Best Kept Secret

When I see things on Twitter like ‘RT to win a DKNY handbag’ and all that malarkey, I do think to myself ‘yeah alright, my beard’, but in any case I like retweeting the shit out of shit anyway just for banter. Being a perpetual loser, when Shaker and Company in London said I’d won £100 free bar tab I […]

Forever Living – My new favourite thing

If someone offer’s you something free and you are from Basildon, you will jump at the chance before you even know what it entails. I’d probably agree to a punch in the face it was free. So when Marie from Forever Living offered me some goodies I was like ‘YES PLEASE’ …. keep calm…. be cool. I have been trying […]

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