How to spot a Chav

I have noticed a problem in Essex and I am posing the serious question ‘how do we solve it?’. Chav’s originated in 1996 with the invention of the Kappa tracksuit and rizla. Soon after, the word was entered into the dictionary and accepted by society. The worst thing though, and I mean the ABSOLUTE worst thing, is that after this, […]

9 Signs you are from ESSEX

1. You spend more time combing your eyebrows than you do your hair. (and this is just the boys) 2. You wear heels to do the weekly food shop. Why NOT spice up your life a bit though? 3. You start every sentence with ‘To be honest..’ or ‘I aint being funny…’. In case anyone doubts your integrity or mistakenly […]

Mid Twenties Crisis

Is it just me, or is anyone else having a ‘Mid Twenties Crisis’? I wont say ‘mid life’ because to be honest I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than admit I’m kind of becoming middle aged. Let’s face it no one turns into an adult until they are 18. From 18 – 23, I found AWESOME that you […]

My First Ski Season – Guest Blog by Toni Carson

Anyone thinking of doing a Ski Season? Here is a little guest blog from Toni Carson. My first time away from home I decided to do a ski season. So off I went to Val D`Isere the popular French ski resort, for party people and keen skiers. As I said before I had no idea where the Alps actually were […]

TOWIE New Series

Well the new series of TOWIE kicked off with less of a bang and more of a little pop. As an avid fan I wasn’t expecting such an underwhelming first episode of the newest series but none¬† the less, its what we got. We were first of treated to an enthralling scene where Diags washes his pants with an unidentified […]

12 Signs You Are Getting Old

1. You REALLY appreciate a good candle. Gone are the day’s when you would class candles and ‘smellies’ (yes you are even old enough to call bath sets smellies as well) as shit. Now, you actually ASK for them along with some comfy socks and some new garden gloves. 2. You save carrier bags. Not only do you SAVE carrier […]

Really good benefits of doing a Dryathlon – Party party party

So apart from raising some money for a good cause (you can still sponsor me here: my Dryathlon gave me a another massive benefit. I went out to a party (which was great btw thanks for the invite Hayley) last night and was pretty drunk after 3 drinks. It was a cheap night out. One of them WAS a […]

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