Do your pets control your life?

We are a nation of animal lovers. It has long been proven. There are countless boutiques popping up for you to dress your dog or bling your bagpuss, hundreds of charities for animals and countless TV programmes about pets (who remembers pets win prizes …classic British game show that one). People say your a dog or a cat lover and […]

Mangley Jewellery

During my daily Twitter stalking, I came across these guys and I must say I’m VERY impressed. With the advent of TOWIE its become the case that you end up paying £16.00 for an elastic band in Essex, so it’s lovely to see some tasteful, reasonably priced pieces. Check them out, I’m just spending the evening deciding on what […]

Exercise Excuses

I woke up with every intention of going for a run today. Then it started raining. I don’t know about you, but I find the concept of running in the rain unfathomable. I might die. Or melt. Or melt then die. Or die then melt. I have more random excuses for not exercising than I do sarcastic comments for people […]

Toby Carvery Basildon

Toby Carvery Basildon, OR Tony Carvery if you are having a particularly bad auto correct day. What I LOVE about a carvery is you can pile your plate as high as possible and no one can judge you. No one looks at someone coming back from the veg counter and goes ‘Jesus look at what that fat fucker has got’. […]

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