Healthy Body Healthy Mind

It’s a well known fact that giving up drinking is good for you. It’s proper science and everything, not made up science like Aspartame being bad for you and eating nothing but cabbage soup can do you a good turn (I’m no nutritionist, but I should imagine the reason you lose weight on the ‘Cabbage Soup’ diet is because you have the tom tits for the duration).

Now I thought to myself if I’m going to give up the old sauce for a month, I may as well take a serious look at my diet (seeing as I ate two McDonalds breakfast’s the other day – its very hard to chose between a mcmuffin and a big breakfast).

I went to the supermarket with every intention of coming back with this trailblazing, innovative bag of ingredients for smoothies and pasta dishes that will make me look like someone off TOWIE. Now I don’t know about you, but as much as I adore a supermarket, they do really really confuse me. There’s a lot going on, especially in our Asda’s because they throw clothes into the mix as well so your distracted looking at Georges latest floral number wondering if it will make you look like Fearne Cotton or your Nan.

Even the vegetable and fruit section is a bit mental. I mean what IS a persimmon? Where does it come from? I’ll be honest I tried one in Tesco’s a few years back and they taste like what I can imagine arseholes and belly button might taste like, but don’t let me put you off, if you fancy trying one you can nip down to your local Asda where inevitably you will spend four hours trying to find a normal tomato but wont be able to turn around for persimmons.

With all this going on, it is in effect quite hard to concentrate on what your looking for. So after asking the asda staff if they do ‘that coconut water shit that everyone is going mental about’ (they don’t), I ended up coming out with some whole wheat pasta, some limes, some weight watchers bacon and some reduced sweet potato chips. Don’t even ask me what I expect to do with that combination.

Never mind though, because my second little resolution was to get a bit of exercise on the go. That will help the weightloss more than the sweet potato and lime bacon pasta. The only problem is, my exercise intentions get downgraded through the day like someone whose dropped their iphone in the toilet and opted for a 3210.

Today my plans have gone in the following order:

Go for a swim

Actually go for a jog the weathers nice

Actually, do some wii fit the weathers shit

Actually, if you carry this shopping home (I did have two tins of soup) and you can rest for the duration of the day.

Tomorrow, I’m going to plan to sit on my arse and eat crisps and I might get somewhere.


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