How can Chitter Chatter get away with this?

A story was flagged up to me yesterday, which made me sad and frustrated and again lack faith in fellow man. For those of you who read my blog and live locally, you will be familiar with the ‘Chitter Chatter’ store in town that sells mobile phone contracts. In this particular part of Basildon, there have been a few shops […]

10 things no one tells you about losing weight

10 things no one tells you about losing weight. (Disclaimer: these are my opinions. I am not a qualified medical professional. The only medical advice I AM qualified to give you, is that Cranberry juice alone will not get rid of it). 1. Don’t eat shit. This one sounds obvious right? WRONG. There are so many diets out there advocating […]

Celebrity Big Brother Final Live Blog

Hi guys and gals, Thanks for all the support with my little blog. We are now cracking on with over 150 views a day and I even have an Austrian following haha. Seeing as CBB has been one of my absolute highlights of January, I am treating you all to a live blog with all the gossip and hopefully a […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

I don’t tend to get into TV programmes. I’m actually one of those people that read the TV mag so I don’t actually have to WATCH the soaps but can still gossip about them. Its win win. This January though, due to being on a dryathlon, my Friday and Saturday nights have been filled by 12 celebrities bickering, drinking and […]

10 things no one tells you about growing up. . . . .

1. Being ‘Independent’ means being skint. It means walking around a supermarket thinking ‘fuck are tomatoes really that much? Day light robbery’. You don’t realize how much of a non existent dent your housekeeping makes into to monthly outgoings until you have to fend for yourself and start shopping on a budget. 2. You have to ‘work’ for your money. […]

I am that unfortunate person…

I am unlucky. I never win on scratch cards. If I drop buttered toast its ALWAYS butter side down. I know people say it always lands that way because it’s science, believe me its not, I’ve witnessed people drop butter side up and nonchalantly go about their day. I am the type of person that this happens to: Standing in […]

Casey’s Mum goes into the Celebrity Big Brother House

So, apparently Casey’s Mum has entered the CBB house and given Casey a few choice words about Lee. She basically told her he had mugged her off. There are a lot of people throwing comments out on Facebook along the lines of she shouldn’t be so harsh. Guys, you are NOT living in the real world. Wouldn’t it be worse […]

10 things not to do on a date……

1. Order a pint. Seriously ladies this is only JUST acceptable if you are sitting in a onesie with your girls talking about childbirth. If you are going to order a pint you may as well pin your date down and fart on his head to show him how lady like you are. 2. Talk about your ex Your new […]

Who actually LIKES fruit?

This is a serious question. I eat fruit, because I’m told it’s good for me, but is there anyone out there who actually LKES it? I mean, is there anyone who sits watching X Factor on a Saturday night and goes ‘oooh lets get a bottle of wine and a big dirty bunch of bananas’. I know a lot of […]

One final push

Hi guys, one final push for my Dryathlon, even if it’s just a pound every little helps. It’s for a great cause and I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed reading my blog of my exploits. I have so far done 25 days sober, not got naked in anyone’s kitchens or thrown up on anyone’s tables. Thanks xxx   Kelly-Jackson-dryathlete JustTextGiving by […]

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