10 Things That Have Shocked Me Already In 2020

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The minces pies have all been eaten (well in my house they have anyway, my Mum didn’t get a look in). The only stuff left from the Christmas food table that has been safely tucked away in the cupboard are the shit Celebrations like Bounties and the really REALLY dry table crackers (because the good ones like the ones that are like giant mini cheddars were demolished Christmas Day after you claimed you were too full to eat anything else). So what of this new decade? How is it all shaping up? I have to admit, there are a few things I’ve already been shocked about this decade!

1. Consumerism in general

People LOVE buying things. Do you know what actually, I love buying things. But the level of buying things AFTER Christmas has shocked me to the core. As I volunteer on Christmas Day, my whole day is taken up, and then we go to dinner late on Boxing day to have a bit of family time. On the morning of Boxing Day, I woke up to glorious sunshine. “I’ll go for a nice walk”, I thought. Realistically, how many people can actually be in the town the day after Christmas? I wanted to grab a cheeseboard for a girls night the next day, so I popped to the Asda (you have to call it “the Asda” if you are over 30). My God, it was PACKED. Seriously, it was like those videos you see of Black Friday. Where do people get their money?

2. People didn’t know you could put waffles in the toaster

An article has recently been doing the rounds that you can cook Bird’s Eye waffles in the toaster. Sorry, how did people not know this? I haven’t cooked a waffle in the grill for years. One of the things they don’t tell you though, is that it won’t do your toaster any favours. Waffle grease gets in the nooks and crannies you can’t get to, so be prepared.

3. The amount of people doing dry January

Just to clarify, if you are doing dry January, good for you. If you are not, good for you. I gave up alcohol to help with my anxiety a couple of years ago and it has really helped. I’m seeing so many people on my social media doing dry January, and after the excesses of Christmas it really helps. I did a few dry Januarys before I gave up completely. Being hangover-free for a month was actually really productive!

4. The amount of people doing Veganary

Similarly, I’m also surprised at the amount of people doing Veganary. Well done to everyone giving it a go. I would love to be able to do it, but honestly, I don’t get enough time to put into meal planning. I promised myself I would make myself lunch for work every day rather than buying food, and I caved on the first day. I wish I did have the time. When things balance out a bit after my Christmas rush of blogs and vlogs, I might try and do two vegan days a week.

5. The amount of New Year’s resolutions I haven’t seen

Usually, people share their New Year’s resolutions on social media, their blogs or Youtube channels, and I am here for it. But after a few tweets went around basically saying “no one cares about your resolutions” I saw a lot less this year and I am a bit sadder for that fact. Call me crazy but I LOVE seeing ways people want to self-improve. It also makes me feel that little bit more normal knowing I am not the only one who needs to seriously cut down on the late night snacking.

6. How nice Mcdonald’s Veggie Dippers are

I’m not exactly a photographer, and I am entirely aware how unappetising these look. A lot of people have an issue with McDonald’s for these because they do not offer a meat substitutes on their vegan/veggie menu. I have to admit, I really liked these. Although I am not meat free, I do enjoy veggie substitutes. Maybe it is because I just don’t like meat substitutes anyway, but these were a great alternative to chicken nuggets.

7. Greta Thunberg is hilarious

Greta Thunberg has always made me chuckle a bit with the way she stands up to the gammon. But changing her name to “Sharon” after THAT Celebrity Mastermind moment was a stroke of social media genius. In fact, you can’t convince me that she is not either being managed by Kris Jenner or having some sort of private social media world domination lessons from Kris Jenner.

8. Kim Kardashian weighing in on climate change

Speaking of the world-famous family, what about Kim Kardashian weighing in on climate change. Don’t get me wrong, I have stuck up for the Kardashian’s on occasion and I don’t dislike them, but you can’t really talk about climate change when you cut about everywhere on private jets, can you? No, she doesn’t have anymore obligation than any other famous person to take action, but if she did wish to be vocal about it what might have been better would have been to say “I see this happening, and I am looking into ways I can make small changes”.

9. The Australia fires

Like everyone, I am pretty devastated about the fires happening in Australia. I can’t even begin to imagine how scary it is living close to them. The scenes on the news look like something out of a Hollywood film, not something that is actually happening to real-life people. Thoughts with everyone there and their families. One of my school friends recently moved to Australia and thankfully she is safe, but not everyone is so lucky.

10. Everyone saying “how good” Adele looks just because she has lost weight

Behave. Adele has always looked good.


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